We contribute to the improvement of health in your company

We secure the excellence in our management of provisions and in the comprehensive treatment of the health of the worker, with a close attention, humanist and customised, that it replies to the deposited confidence for our mutual society member and it contributes to the efficient use of the resources.


Benefits managed in mutual collaboration with the Social Security Institute

Provisions are set of measures that it puts in operation the Social Security Institute to foresee, to repair or to exceed certain misfortune situations or specific states of necessity, that you usually cause a loss of incomes or an excess of expenses in the people that they suffer them.

I our commitment is to protect to 4,725,704 workers, 24.98% of the Social Security System

Target: Assistance for workers

The provision of excellent service


Management: 1,357 people

Prevention: 149 people

Medical/healthcare: 2,573 people

Technical support: 314 people

General services: 79 people

4,472 professionals

Equipment and facilities

208 Help centres

4 In-patient hospitals

4 Day hospitals

2 Inter-mutual Hospitals


A constant commitment to efficiency and our mutual society members' satisfaction

  • Patient safety

    Patient safety as a commitment to quality in healthcare.

  • Improving the healthcare experience

    Patient experience as a foundation of health management.

A whole team at your service

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