We contribute to the improvement of health in your company

We strive for excellence in our management of benefits and in the comprehensive treatment of workers' health, providing friendly, human, personalised care that responds to the trust placed in us by our members and contributes to the efficient use of resources.


Benefits managed in mutual collaboration with the Social Security Institute

Benefits are a series of measures implemented by the Social Security Institute to provide for, remedy or overcome adverse situations or specific situations of need that often cause a loss of income or increased expenses for individuals in such situations.

We are committed to protecting 4,886,898 workers, which amounts to 24.80% of workers registered on the Social Security System

Target: Assistance for workers

The provision of excellent service


Management: 1,313 people

Prevention: 144 people

Medical/healthcare: 2,505 people

Technical support: 321 people

General services: 68 people

4,351 professionals

Equipment and facilities

208 Help centres

4 Inpatient hospitals

4 Day hospitals

2 Inter-mutual Hospitals

7.69 Millions allocated to investment

219,792.11 m2 available to our protected workers


A constant commitment to efficiency and our mutual society members' satisfaction

  • Patient safety

    Patient safety as a commitment to quality in healthcare.

  • Improving the healthcare experience

    Patient experience as a foundation of health management.