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FREMAP participates in the National Congress of SETLA, sharing scientific knowledge in the field of occupational traumatology. 21

Madrid (05/12/2022)

The main objectives of the Spanish Society of Occupational Traumatology (SETLA) are to teach, study, research and practise all aspects related to Occupational Traumatology.

On 1 and 2 December, in Valencia, traumatologists, healthcare doctors, nurses and physiotherapists participated in the various tables, debates, workshops and posters, combining theory and practice in a programme with a high scientific level.

FREMAP has been a very prominent presence at the 21st SETLA National Conference, attending and participating in the different panels and workshops with the aim of maintaining and improving knowledge, skills and attitudes of their medical professionals, to continually adapt their health action to the standards and needs of each situation.

In a medicine with constant changes, continuous training is a fundamental tool for healthcare professionals, as well as a fundamental element for professional development and a guarantee for users of the healthcare system.