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Health Management

At FREMAP, we work to keep you healthy.

Our goal is to prevent work-related injuries and to cure the lesions they cause.


Human, we have highly-skilled professionals to ensure the well-being of workers insured by the mutual society.

Majadahonda Hospital

FREMAP's infrastructure has the largest healthcare network with over 200 centres throughout the country, including four hospitals (Majadahonda, Seville, Barcelona and Vigo), four day hospitals (Valladolid, Jerez de la Frontera, Málaga and Zaragoza) and the centres shared by mutual societies in Valencia and Bilbao.

Technological, we utilise the most advanced treatments and medical tests to improve your health.


The ongoing training of health professionals is a commitment made by FREMAP to perform techniques that have been proved to be effective in treating injuries.

FREMAP hospitals organise conferences, courses and seminars open to FREMAP staff and other professionals. We are concerned with the teaching side of health training and are accredited to train resident physicians in orthopedic surgery and traumatology at the Hospital of Majadahonda.

We receive national and international resident physicians in different specialities who, while undergoing a training programme at other medical centres, choose FREMAP to receive training in specific areas of their speciality.

Patient treatment

At FREMAP, we provide personalised and comprehensive treatment of victims that enables them to quickly return to work.

Comprehensive patient treatment

We combine efficiency and effectiveness in treating victims to ensure they are able to quickly return to work.

Retraining provides victims with the training required to return to the labour market when the consequences of the work-related injury or occupational disease make it impossible for victims to return to their previous job.