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Risk During Pregnancy and Risk During Breastfeeding

Current balance: You are pregnant and you believe that the conditions of your job may adversely affect your health or that of the fetus.

First contact FREMAP to assess the situation

Your personal FREMAP manager will explain what to do next:

  • You should request from FREMAP a medical examination to assess the risk. Request Form
  • Our physician will visit you in his or her surgery and assess your situation together with the documentation provided.
  • Our physician will issue, where appropriate, a certificate acknowledging that the risk exists.

With the medical certificate issued by FREMAP

  • Your company should adapt the conditions of the job so that it does not pose a risk.
  • If this is not possible, your company will try to switch your job to a different job that you can perform and that does not pose a risk.

If in the end it is not possible to take any of the above measures, you can, in accordance with your company, apply for the cash benefit.

Requesting the benefit

Your personal FREMPAP manager will explain what steps to take next:

  • Request the cash benefit from FREMAP. Benefit Request Form In pdfThis link will open in a pop-up window
  • FREMAP will recognise your right to receive the benefit starting on the day your company suspends your employment contract.

Risk during Pregnancy and Risk during the Breastfeeding: Find out more

We provide you with additional information about the cover provided by FREMAP in the event of Risk during Pregnancy and Risk during Breastfeeding.