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Non-occupational disease and non work-related injury

Current balance: you have been granted sick leave by the Public Health Service.

You will be guided through the next steps by contacting your personal FREMAP manager. Contact FREMAP

Report it

To provide you with immediate care, you must submit your sick leave document to your company.


  • After you submit your medical leave document and your company receives it, the FREMAP medical service will contact you. Centre Network
  • We collaborate in the monitoring of non-occupational diseases and non work-related injuries by promoting better and quicker recovery.
  • We will perform medical treatments and diagnostic tests without queuing times, after receiving regulatory authorisation and patient consent.
  • We help manage the initiation of the procedure for permanent incapacity without needing to wait until the 18-month period is over

Once the worker has been medically treated

Non-occupational Disease and Non Work-related Injury: Find out more

We provide you with additional information about the cover provided by FREMAP in the event of a Non-occupational Disease and Non Work-related Injury.