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We prevent

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As part its commitment to achieving excellence in the comprehensive treatment of workers' health, FREMAP views occupational risk prevention as an essential service aimed at improving health and safety in our member companies and reducing accident rates.

What do we do?

We carry out various prevention activities within the protecting action of the Social Security Institute, aimed at helping member companies and self-employed workers to control and reduce occupational accidents and work-related illnesses.

How do we do it?

  • We visit companies to give advice on:
    • How to improve conditions that lead to occupational accidents and work-related illnesses.
    • How to apply coordination strategies for the prevention of occupational risks arising from the confluence of workers from different companies or self-employed workers in a same workplace.
    • The functions and use of the service «Prevenció», which provides the protecting action of the Social Security Institute to self-employed workers and companies of up to 25 workers.
    • The reorganisation of job functions and workplace structure to relocate injured workers or those with work-related illnesses.
  • We analyse work-related illnesses and occupational accidents in order to advise on the causes and to provide good practices aimed at preventing their recurrence.
  • We study the causes of high accident rates in companies, with the aim of proposing measures and plans for their reduction.
  • We develop R&D&i programmes, studies and analysis on occupational accident rates with the aim of providing the necessary information for companies to draw up prevention plans.
  • We promote the culture of risk prevention and diffusion of codes of good practice for the management and continuous improvement in risk prevention.

We are Committed to Prevention

The traditional commitment of FREMAP with Occupational Health and Safety has resulted in the development of a service of excellence and a transversal vision that filters through to society by means of:

  • The offer of all our good practices, publications, studies and R&D&i in the "FREMAP Prevention Chanel".
  • Participation in congresses, technical seminars and workshops organised by universities, foundations, administrations, business associations and other institutions.
  • The continuous preparation of publications and technical articles.
  • Cooperation with associations and institutions in the drawing up of standards and technical criteria.