FREMAP presents its 1st Sector-specific Health Observatory

MADRID (15/07/2022)

FREMAP, with the participation of the Association of Companies in the Facilities and Energy Sector (AGREMIA) and the Regional Institute of Occupational Health and Safety (IRSST) of Madrid, presented yesterday at the Headquarters of CEIM its Ist Sector-specific Health Observatory, pertaining to CNAE 432.

The project studies and analyses the main causes of accidents in the sector, assessing the main characteristics of processes with occupational illness leave as well as the associated social impact and business costs.

The aim of the meeting was to raise awareness of the importance of the proper implementation of prevention measures associated with the leading causes of accidents that resulted in Occupational Illness Leave in 2021, and also to present a specific information and awareness campaign aimed at reducing the accident rate in the sector.

In this case, the study forms part of a global project for research and continuous monitoring of the health of FREMAP's associated workers through Big Data analysis methodology and the specific study of the impact and problems associated with different sectors, pathologies and Communities. This study enables FREMAP to continuously analyse the trends of gender and age perspective in the working population, with the ultimate aim of contributing to the development of specific and sustainable policies for the prevention and promotion of health in the business environment.