FREMAP presents results of 2020 in the General Committee held in its company headquarters from MAJADAHONDA (Madrid)

In 2020 FREMAP gave coverage to 410,761 associated companies and 4,700,068 protected workers, 24.86% of the total of workers members of the Social Security System.

MADRID (15/07/2021)

This Thursday 15 of Julio, FREMAP MUTUAL SOCIETY COLLABORATOR WITH THE SOCIAL SECURITY No. 61 has celebrated its Mutual society member General Committee in its company headquarters placed at the Carretera de Pozuelo number 61, of Majadahonda (Madrid).

FREMAP finished 2020 with 4,700,068 protected workers, keeping up one more year as leading mutual society, giving coverage at 24.86% of the total of workers members of the Social Security System.

Incomes for contributions finished 2020 reaching the figure of 3,506,790 million euros.

On the internet of FREMAP centres were attended throughout 2020 a total from 627,459 patients, generating for its attention and processing 11,015 surgical procedures, 2,214,033 general practices and 1,126,848 sessions of rehabilitation.

In relation to the provoked pandemic for the COVID-19, 32 practitioners and 16 professionals of Nursing of FREMAP were offered Departments of Health to cover needs of emergency derived from the health crisis, being relocated to Public Health services and to different centres socio-health. Similarly, Hospitals of Majadahonda, Sevilla and Barcelona were mobilised by health authorities during 71 days to receive 199 patients COVID. The boost of the Telemedicine allowed guaranteeing a correct welfare follow-up of the patients, achieving the performance of 671,145 general practices via long distance care, 30.31% of the total of enquiries carried out in 2020.

From the beginning of the health crisis an area of the teleworking has been carried out in all the cases that it has resulted possible, having reached figures higher than 2,000 employees at some point of the pandemic. Similarly, the work flexibility was provided, being the reply obtained from the employees chord to the effort undertaken, demonstrating its commitment high level and professionalism.

The Chairman of FREMAP, Mr. Mariano of Diego, emphasised the need of providing to the Mutual Societies of suitable and enough financing to manage financial assistance of Temporary Disability derived From Common contingencies, as well as to revise the financial imbalance that has been produced in the cessation of activity, after the last reform of this provision.

Similarly highlighted the major effort of Mutual Societies to manage, in addition to all ordinary provisions that them are own, extraordinary benefits for Cessation of Activity of Freelance workers, adapting permanently to the

regulatory modifications that this provision has come suffering as the months go by and, just as health workers, the rest of workers are being professionalism and effectiveness example, paying with exhaustive punctuality all payments. From the beginning of the Pandemic up to the end of May 2021, 441,231 have been Self-employed Workers benefited from these provisions in FREMAP, with a value of

1,940 million euros.

The Chairman of FREMAP reiterated the gratitude for the effort undertaken to ALL the people that they work in FREMAP, to be still leaders in the Sector, as well as to the partners of the Board Of directors, for its assistance, dedication and commitment.

Link to video:“Summary Magnitudes FREMAP”