FREMAP participates in the second edition of Inkietos Live Day

MADRID (07/07/2021)

The association Inkietos, principal think tank of the law of businesses in Spain, organised on 6 July the second edition of the Inkietos Live Day, a digital event of a day of duration, of free and solidarity access, where twenty recognised experts related to the innovation and the management in the law of businesses pondered on challenges before the new reality for the offices of lawyers and the legal advicess of company.

The event developed seven panels distributed throughout the meeting (five round tables, an interview and an inspiring speech), that were concentrating on principal issues that owes tackle the profession of the law at this time.

In the Inkietos Live Day participated professionals of offices as Ontier, Allen & Overy, Ceca Magán, Squire, Pwc, Dentons, Legal Army, Garrigues and BDO Lawyers; of legal advicess as a Bayer, of companies as Sage, LinkedIn and Mutual society of the Law; signatures of consultancy as AlterWork, Social Lex, +MoreThanLaw, Gaze 360, Legal Reputation and Tama Projects; or of academic institutions as a Barcelona School of Creativity, Esade, IE Law School, University of Navarre, EADA, ISDE, IEB or Centre of Studies Garrigues, among others.

Jose Luís Velázquez, National Coordinator of the Legal Advice of FREMAP, participated in the Round table “Legal advicess of company: of guardians to facilitating”, sharing which it called “the Experience FREMAP”, formula with which a collaborating company with the Social Security Institute has designed a creative legal advice and trendy. In this, the training of the lawyer, so much to level technician-procedural as emotional (via soft skills, deepening in the communications world and of the emotional intelligence), represents a strategic value for the Company.

Jose Luis Velázquez in its share shared that, with those objectives and through a process of internal promotion, had been gone adding in the last ones 20 years an experienced lawyer body with a deep knowledge of the client internal, which it contributes an added value for the management and service given by FREMAP. In this same meaning, lawyers have a Balanced scorecard through which become real actors in the management of the Company, contributing not only to know to the detail of statistics and results, but also to design the strategies necessary to the beneficial improvement, deepening in an all-inclusive advice to the company.

Finally considered that it is necessary to reorient our “risk”concept, that is not found only in avoiding to receive unfavourable sentences, but also (and above all) in raising awareness to the company in the takeover of decisions in order to to avoid the conflict or to arrive at same best and readier