Financial assistance for cessation of activity for self-employed workers.

Updated information and forms on the FREMAP website

MADRID (08/06/2021)

Published in the Official State Gazette of 28 May, Royal Decree-Law 11/2021, of 27 May, on urgent measures in defence of employment, economic reactivation and protection of self-employed workers,, standard that it has the aim, among others aspects, also very significant (ERTE), to make the reductions necessary to maintain support measures to the self-employed workers that established in the Royal Decree-Law were had 30/2020, of 29 September, and in the Royal Decree-Law 2/2021, of 26 January, of support and consolidation of social measures in defense of the employment and that are followed considering essential for the recovery of the production network. With regard to self-employed workers in particular, the most important new developments are the establishment of exemptions in the contributions of this group, in different percentages, during the months of June to September 2021, for self-employed workers who are not beneficiaries of the new benefits for cessation of activity: the extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity of the self-employed worker decreed by administrative decision; the provision of cessation of activity compatible with the maintenance of the same; the extraordinary benefit for self-employed workers that can not access the previous one nor to the ordinary one, and the extraordinary benefit for self-employed workers of season. Following on from this, is already found updated in the FREMAP's website toda la información sobre las prestaciones que la nueva norma legal contempla y los requisitos de acceso a las mismas así como los correspondientes formularios de solicitud all the information on provisions that the legal new standard contemplates and requirements of access to the same as well as corresponding application forms.