FREMAP presents the results of surveys corresponding to 2020


MADRID (11/05/2021)

FREMAP's customer surveys system has a...

The system of surveys to clients of FREMAP has as an objective to know their satisfaction with services rendered and it constitutes the engine necessary to favour the ongoing improvement.

Following on from this, over the course of the financial year 2020 carried out a major effort is had to know first-hand the satisfaction of patients/workers and collaborating with FREMAP in the main aspects of the service provision

The no. of telephonic surveys carried out has been of 29,411 and the obtained overall result is 8.26 (in score 1 to 10)

Between results of the surveys emphasise assessments (min 0, maximum 10) given by the patients in following fields:


Assessment of the ASSOCIATED companies


Assessment of the COLLABORATORS


Assessment of the PATIENTS/WORKERS:                  

Patients looked after in FREMAP's Hospitals:                


Patients looked after in the Help Centres:          

Workers looked after by AT / OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES


Workers looked after by ITCC


Hard-working Risk during Pregnancy/LN


Workers Minors Care


Hard-working Cessation of Activity



Between results emphasise:

  • The valued best service by Workers/ace looked after/ace for Work-related injury is the attention received by the medical service : 8.40 Foreign account and 8.57 own account.
  • The valued best service by Workers/ace looked after/ace by ITCC is rehabilitation 8.61 Foreign Account and 8.81 Own account
  • The/ace payees/Minors Care ace, punctuate with 9.20 the attention of Social Workers .
  • The/hard-working ace/ITCC ace Foreign Account punctuate with 6.39 the activity of FREMAP to improve its process.
  • 91.42% of the/freelance ace would recommend to FREMAP
  • 85.43% of workers REM/LN consider normal or short the time until the appointment and 92.59% consider normal or short the time in charging.
  • 72.20% of the/Cessation Freelance ace, consider as normal or short the time in charging.
  • The/The manager/to of FREMAP is valued with 8.55 by companies and by collaborators with 8.96
  • FREMAP's facilities are valued with an average of 8.62 for the/hard-working ace/ace looked after/ace for Work-related injury.

Aspects that more emphasise FREMAP's clients are:

In the opinion of the/hard-working ace/ace

In the opinion of companies

In the opinion of collaborators

Please note





Please note





The Branch of Client Attention (OAC) of FREMAP manages claims of the Mutual Society's clients received via the different available service channels: existing leaves in all centres, form of the FREMAP's website and the Online Office of Claims.

Key data of management of the OAC of FREMAP 2020 have been:

Index of claim


Acceptance rate of claims


Average time of reply

8.91 days

Index of non-conformance with the reply