The new FREMAP healthcare centre has opened in REUS (Tarragona)

The new Centre places emphasis on improving patient experience in terms of accessibility and comfort as well as the functional characteristics of the facilities.

MADRID (26/11/2020)

Last Monday 23 November have entered operation FREMAP's new facilities in Reus (Tarragona).

This centre, located at the Calle María Aurelia Capmany 8 of Reus, complements the welfare network of FREMAP in the province, that it already has another help centre in the Av. Vidal i Barraquer 4 of Tarragona and in the C. Ramón Berenguer IV 51 of Tortosa.

The new help centre has an area of 445 square metre, holds a broad services area health formed by three general practices, two rooms of cures, a plaster cast room, a room of rays X and a complete space dedicated to the physiotherapy and rehabilitation. In addition, has an area of admission and administration and office of Address.

It emphasises the use of technology led for the illumination, teams of air-conditioning airzone of last generation, non-slip and detectores land of presence that they optimise the consumer spending of electricity. Similarly, structures and materials used they underline the commitment in the work in sustainability and energy efficiency, in agreement the environmental policy of FREMAP.

More information on the Centre FREMAP in Reus: