FREMAP presents the Temporary Disability Management channel

FREMAP's new website area is intended to act as a reference space for managing absenteeism due to temporary disability, in order to share knowledge and information in an ordered and dynamic manner.

MADRID (10/11/2020)

The management of the health is an element of value diferenciador for companies, workers and for the overall of the Society.

The new support and digital service channels add to the management of the absenteeism for temporary disability tools for the improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the plans of action developed by every company.

The new one Service channel of Management of the Temporary Disability of FREMAP on to the companies information and resources on following fields:

  • Workabsenteeism: General data on the absenteeism
    • Definition
    • Types
    • Causes
    • Measurement
    • Statistics
  • Absenteeism Temporary Disability : General data on the absenteeism of temporary disability of the group protected by FREMAP and costs of absenteeism
    • Observatory I.T. FREMAP
    • Statistics I.T. Business FREMAP
    • Consequences of the absenteeism of I.T.
    • Statistical labour costs
    • Reports of costs I.T. FREMAP and calculator of costs.
  • Businesswork experience programs: Summary of the work experience programs and more notable experiences in the management of the temporary disability stated by the companies in the good Meeting work experience programs in management of the absenteeism.
  • Management Temporary Disability: Co-ordinate actions with every company from a twin-track approach: Prevent and Manage.

We present you in this video a summary of the principals aspects of the Service channel of Management of the Temporary Disability of FREMAP: