The Higher Technical School of Engineering of the Comillas Pontifical University (ICAI) presented its annual awards to the best end of course projects in the 2018-19 academic year.

In the 18th edition, the ICAI National Association of Engineers went to Beatriz Quiralte Moreno for the project "Development and production of a low-cost prosthesis for developing or conflict countries."

Madrid (09/09/2020)

The delivery of prizes to the best project end of career took place on the day 02 at 18:00h in the School ICAI of the Comillas Pontifical University of Madrid. The honorable guest of this year went Héctor Flórez Crespo, member consultancy director of Deloitte Spain. The act was presided over by the vice-chancellor of the university, Julio L. Martínez, SJ and by the director of the school, Antonio Muñoz

In the XVIII edition, the prize of the National Association of Engineers of the ICAI went for Beatriz Quiralte Moreno for the project “Development and elaboration of a prosthesis low-cost for countries in in development or in conflict”. FREMAP has participated in the address of this work, award winner in the category of industrial innovation.

Beatriz's project is simple but loaded with sustainability and corporate income. In him describes how to create a prosthesis of affordable hands starting from a simple method: merging caps of plastic and doing soda can moulds. In this way, people that are found in extreme situations and with little activity can occupy its time manufacturing prosthesis for anyone who have unfortunately lost a superior limb.

Thanks to the existing collaboration agreement between two institutions and Marian Saénz Nuño's proposal, teacher of the Department of Mechanics of ICAI, Noelia Díez Sánchez, Industrial Quality teacher of FREMAP's Retraining, codirected together with this, the work end of degree of Beatriz Quiralte.

The role of FREMAP in the project, went to guide to Beatriz in the study of different plastics and to determine the ability of the selected plastic with different testing, as a hardness and flexion, that carried out are had in the facilities of Retraining (testing and Aluminium joinery Laboratory).

Currently Beatriz is carrying out a master's degree of bio-engineering in Denmark, which it impeded him to collect the prize, collecting it in its place Marian Saénz (Co-director of the project and teacher of the ICAI) from the chairman of the School of Engineers of the ICAI, that it had some nice words for Beatriz that it saw it in streaming from Denmark.