FREMAP confers the extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity to 296,000 self-employed workers

The amount of benefits conferred by FREMAP on 17 April amounts to €215 million, reaching 33% of the more than 900,000 self-employed workers affiliated to the Mutual Society.

MADRID (20/04/2020)

On 23 March, FREMAP launched a new space on its website COVID-19: Extraordinary benefit due to cessation of activity, to facilitate information on the requirements and actions for applying for the extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity for self-employed workers affected by the declaration of the state of alarm for managing the health crisis caused by COVID-19.

In order to manage this extraordinary benefit as quickly, efficiently and rigorously as possible in the reduced period of four weeks, FREMAP has applied and adapted all available human and technological resources, with a special emphasis on IT processes and telework. More than a thousand professionals have worked intensively to achieve the goal of granting the benefit to such a high number of self-employed workers.

According to the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, 923,812 self-employed workers have received this extraordinary benefit from Mutual Societies collaborating with the Social Security Institute, with 97.3% of the applications processed having been approved. FREMAP has granted the benefit to 295,719 self-employed workers, for an amount of €214,908,238 million, representing 32.25% of the total benefits conferred by the Mutual Societies sector. These self-employed workers will not be obliged to contribute to the Social Security Institute while receiving the benefit.

Of the total benefits conferred, 72% have been due to cessation of activity and 28% due to their income having been reduced by 75%. The benefit amounts to 70% of the regulatory base, i.e. a minimum of €661 euros in the case of self-employed workers who pay the minimum contribution base,

FREMAP has approved 98.5% of the applications received, in accordance with the indications given by the Directorate-General for Social Security Management and applying the common guidelines for action agreed by the Association of Mutual Entities of Work Accidents and Occupational Diseases (AMAT). The Autonomous Communities where the most applications have been registered are Madrid, Andalusia and Catalonia. The Communities with the lowest applications received are La Rioja, Cantabria and Murcia.

In addition to this task of managing the cessation of activity, it is worth highlighting the provision of healthcare professionals at the FREMAP Hospitals in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville where medical assistance is being given to patients affected by the disease admitted to their ICU's and facilities, as well as the healthcare workers of the Mutual Society that have been incorporated at the request of the Public Health Services of the Autonomous Communities into their hospitals, primary care centres and care homes for the elderly.