The agreement between FREMAP and the Official Association of Pharmacists of Jaén has been renewed

Both companies today have proceeded to the renewal of the collaboration agreement that fixed standards on distribution, invoicing and charge of all kind of health medications and products prescribed, charged to the Mutual Society.

Madrid (09/07/2019)

FREMAP tells in the Province of Jaén with almost 106,000 workers, belonging to mutual insurance companies and/or associated self-employed workers, that they will benefit from the Agreement.

The accumulated positive experience during the last four years, so much for the Professional association, as for FREMAP and, above all, for the workers of the mutual insurance companies and self-employed workers associated with FREMAP, its major beneficiaries, has motivated the renewal of the agreement that it was subscribed in 2015. The new agreement establishes the format of the recipes spread by the Mutual Society in favour of its mutual insurance companies' workers and/or associated self-employed workers that have suffered a work-related injury or they are affections of occupational disease, as well as of recipes that it does not cover FREMAP and that they have to pay patients. In both cases, recipes should spread in the official models in force by law.

From the Professional association of Pharmacists of Jaén do extendable this agreement to the 309 drugstores of the province (55 theirs in the capital) and to the more than 900 members. From the school institution work for providing a broad services variety and provisions to our members and that, in turn, this has repercussions in our patients.

With the new Agreement, the recipes of the Mutual Society corresponding to processing derived from work-related accidents or occupational diseases continue being exempt from financial contribution by patients. The payees can, also, to withdraw its medications in any drugstore branch of the Province of Jaén.

The new deal, signed in the headquarters of the Pharmacists Associations of Jaén for its Chairman, Mr. Juan Pedro Rísquez Madridejos and the District Manager of FREMAP of Andalusia Eastern, D. Victorian Díaz Corbacho, stipulates the procedure of invoicing of issued recipes charged to the Mutual Society, as well as the calendar with terms of deposit to the Professional association.

Similarly, both companies promise to guarantee the security of the patients' personal data to those which recipes, file of details are given whose holder is FREMAP. The Professional association se compels to save professional confidentiality with regard to personal data to those which has access for reason of the current agreement, still after completed its relationship with FREMAP.