Másfamilia Foundation and CEPSA present the Worklife Barometer in Barcelona

The results of the II Worklife Barometer-Index efr were presented on Thursday 6 June, at the Foment del Treball Nacional central offices in Barcelona.

MADRID (07/06/2019)

The principals conclusions are:

  • The state of the conciliation in Spain improvement and it recovers the lost level during the crisis.
  • In an overall analysis to time continuum, beginning in 2008 as a year of departure and finishing in 2017, a general recovery, so much is appreciated of the index efr as of respective subscripts.
  • Details reveal an advance of 3.2 points with respect to those of the barometer of last year.
  • Improvements are produced so much in the social field, as in the business one.
  • In the social thing there is a significant growth in all indicators, resulting very notable that one of equal opportunities, with an improvement of more than 12 points because of the rise of women studying technical careers and the ratio of hours dedicated to the home of women and men.
  • In the business ecosystem also a growth is observed in indicators as the management of the conciliation and the diversity in the company (with an increase of five points in both cases) and they go back slightly others as a corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate or competitiveness reputation and productivity.

Via this Barometer of the conciliation the Index has been obtained efr, the first overall detail of the state of the life's conciliation staff, relative and work in Spain. It is a tool of measurement overall of the conciliation that offers, via analysis of the indicators and comparing results according to its evolution in the time, the information on the produced changes and trends in the social field and business with regard to work and familiar conciliation.

Rafael Merino. Divisional Director of Work Relations of FREMAP has participated in the table “Debates of Conciliation” together with significant people responsible for companies that they put in common experiences and good work experience programs in the field of the conciliation. 

It closed the Meeting, Josep Ginesta i Vicente, Work and Social Affairs General Secretary for of Government of Catalonia who highlighted the importance of having indicators as those which contributes the presented barometer that they contribute to provide the adoption of conciliation policies in the companies.