FREMAP attends the XXIV Congress held by the Spanish Hand Surgery Association (SECMA)

The Congress was held in Tarragona from 24 to 26 April.

MADRID (29/04/2019)

The programme of the XXIV Congress of the Spanish Society of Hand Surgery (SECMA) has analysed last advances and offered an innovative vision and accessible of the treated topics to all attendees.

FREMAP has participated in numerous of programmed activities in these 3 days of Congress, sharing knowledge and the experience in the processing in different fields of the Hand Surgery.



  • Roger of Oña, I.
    • Aesthetic and functional rebuilding of the mutilated hand based on clinical cases
    • Free flaps or of vecindad in the cutaneous defects of fingers and of the hand. Indications and technique. Moderator
    • Microsurgical rebuilding of the column of the thumb
    • Coverage of the face to fly of fingers
  • Studer of Oya, AT.
    • The recoverable pseudoarthrosis ischemic
    • Secondary surgery of hand-held burns. Clinical cases
    • Coverage of defects in backside of the fingers
  • García de Lucas, F.
    • Prosthesis vs not prosthesis in the distal radio cubital joint. Moderator
    • Complications of the arthrodesis TMC. How to solve them? Clinical cases
  • García Villanueva, A.: Coverage of the back hand
  • González Granados, MG.: Influence of the fracture of cubital styloid on the clinical outcome and functional of the processing of the fractures of distal extreme of the radio
  • Hernández Seoane, G.: Rebuilding of pulpejos post traumatic painful through the use of colgajoslibres
  • Borlaff Colmena, E.: Distal compression of the cubital nerve: a clinical case
  • Padial de el Pozo, B.:
    • Monopole prosthesis influence of radial head in distal radio cubital joint
    • Contracture and scar processing retractiles in MMSS through free flaps
  • Ortiz Portillo, A.: Test of the pencil as method adjunctive in the right choice of the processing ortésico.

The next one XXV Congress of the Spanish Society of Hand Surgery (SECMA) will be celebrated in Segovia being the Dr. F. Garcia of Lucas, FREMAP's Medical Director, the Chairman of the Organising Committee.