FREMAP Annual Report 2021

2021 ANNUAL Sustainability Report/Corporate Governance

The 2021 Annual Report, Sustainability and Corporate Governance, reflects the management carried out by FREMAP's different functional areas, covering economic, management and key aspects of Social Responsibility. All the departments and areas that make up FREMAP have participated in the preparation of the report, the coordination work being the responsibility of the Sub-Directorate General for Resources, with whom they can contact on the different aspects and contents of this report. We are grateful for the collaboration of mutual companies and companies with which we have collaboration agreements that have assigned us their facilities for the performance of part of the photographic report included in this report: • Air Nostrum, Líneas Aéreas del Mediterráneo, S.A • Cooperativa Agrícola Nuestra Señora L'Oreto Registered address Carretera de Pozuelo, 61 28222 Majadahonda (Madrid) Telephone: 91 626 55 00 Concept, art address and layout Editorial MIC · Legal deposit M-18377-2022 © FREMAP, Mutual Society Collaborating with the Social Security Institute Number 61. All rights reserved. [GRI 102-3]

2021 Sustainability/Corporate Governance ANNUAL REPORT

1 3 2 CORPORATE GOVERNANCE MANAGEMENT PRESENTATION 1,1 Chairman's letter. ............................. 8 1,2 Letter from the Managing Director. .............. 12 1,3 Fremap and its Cifras...........16 1,4 Strategy and Achievements. .......... 18 2,1 Legal Framework......................... 26 2,2 Principles and Values.......... 30 2,3 Bodies of Gobierno..........................32 2,4 Bodies of Participation....................... 34 2,5 Organisation...................... 36 2,6 Control..........40 3,1 Management System............ 50 3,2 Actividad..............................52 3,3 Contracting....................... 82 3,4 Management Económica............85

4 5 6 SERVICE PEOPLE INNOVATION ANNEXES 4,1 Equipment and Instalaciones.....................98 4,2 Technology and Sistemas....100 4,3 Information and Dissemination of Knowledge................... 102 4,4 Expectations and Experiencias...................112 4,5 Corporate Social Responsibility. .......... 117 5,1 Development and Management of Talento..........................133 5,2 Equal Opportunities and Diversidad.......................139 5,3 Healthy Work Environment. ............ 142 5,4 Communication and Information...................... 154 6,1 Healthcare Research. ............................ 159 6,2 Creativity and Innovation..................... 160 A.1 Legislative New Features...................................................... 164 A.2 Balance....................................................................................167 A.3 Económico-Patrimonial............173 A.4 Estándares.......................178 Global Reporting Initiative -

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| 1-PRESENTATION | ANNUAL REPORT 2021 | FREMAP 8 1,1 Chairman's letter 1,1 Distinguished Chairman's Letter-Mutual Society Members and Employees-another year, it is a great honour and a great satisfaction for me to address you all again. I want to start in a similar way to the one I did last year and, although it seems that the pandemic has been significantly reduced, I deeply hope that all of you and your families will be well. We are in the seventh wave, and at the last few days the infections have skyrocketed, many people are still entering hospitals and the number of deaths is unacceptable. It is essential not to lower our guard. The 2021 financial year, although apparently, was a less difficult and complicated year than 2020, we have had to continue to face COVID-19. The Mutual Societies Sector took over 2,880,000 sick leave due to the spread of infections and isolation of workers (710,000 taken over by FREMAP), which has been sufficient since its first months, with doses of vaccinations to alleviate the problem, which we can understand have been sufficient since May. We closed the 2021 financial year with the start of the sixth wave, in charge of the Omicron variant, which, although brought a Less serious infections, resulted in a real disaster in terms of managing sick leave, both due to the huge number of infections, More than 2,760,573 until the end of February 2022, as well as due to the impediment to mutual societies acting by simultaneously cancelling and registering in these processes, As proposed by our association, AMAT, to the Social Security Administration, in order to avoid the saturation to which the primary care doctors of the health centres were exposed. Although this proposal by Mutual Societies, among others for the same time, was well received by Administrations from different Autonomous Communities, Business Organisations , including our CEOE employers, Medical Societies and even some Syndicate, who made it their own, the wave passed us over again, while Workers could not go to their Companies without medical discharge, and Companies suffered serious organisational problems, which seriously affected production And the provision of goods and services, which we wish we do not have to remember. And I say this, for the simple reason that, with the global exposure to supply problems, the prices of electricity, gas and oil, the rampant inflation, all of which is well known, we should have not missed a minute. And even more, when closely related to the above is the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation at the end of February 2022, with the corresponding security risk for a good part of the Western democratic countries. I take this opportunity to express our rejection of this fact and our maximum support for Ukraine, as we already communicated via AMAT to the top managers of the Social Security Fund of the Russian Federation on 4 March.

| 1-PRESENTATION | ANNUAL REPORT 2021 | FREMAP 9 The fact is that, in 2021 FREMAP, like many other companies Of the Mutual Societies Sector, we collaborate in the vaccination of Workers in particular and citizens in general, in those Autonomous Communities that required it, Based on the Declaration signed by Mutual Societies with the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, and the CEOE Foundation. Now, as early as 2022, with a similar draft declaration, but adapted to the needs of the displaced people of Ukraine, the Mutual Societies are waiting for their subscription, to help them by providing them with traumatological and psychological healthcare. It is also worth noting the management of all the aid granted to self-employed workers since the eruption of the "Cumbre Vieja" volcano on the island of La Palma, as well as the psychological assistance provided by the FREMAP Emergency Social Work Team to the relatives and friends of the sailors affected after The tragedy of the sinking of the Galician fishing boat "Villa de Piantxo," which was covered by us. We extend our sincere support and condolences to all of them. On the other hand, last year I recognised the sensitivity of the Social Security Administration to adopt measures aimed at maintaining the liquidity and solvency levels of Mutual Societies, which had been seriously put at risk, having to deal with the payments of Temporary Disability per COVID-19, of Extraordinary benefits for Self-employed Workers and, in addition, for the lower income derived from the discounts on contributions by the Temporary Employment Regulation and Self-employed Workers Dossiers. Similarly, in the scope of our ordinary activity, I conveyed FREMAP's concern about the lack of adequate and sufficient funding for the financial benefit in the event of Temporary Disability due to Common Contingencies. Notwithstanding the above, a similar recognition is required for 2021 due to the increase in the coefficients of the fraction of the general quota and those of The additional financing systems to cover this provision, although it is also necessary to remember that it is not only a matter of improving this financing for Mutual Societies, as there is still a huge deficit in this provision, which amounts to more than 1,770 million euros according to the formulation of Sector accounts , which is being paid for from the results of the Work-related Injury and Occupational Disease, which is ultimately a deficit that is integrated In the accounts of the Social Security System, and finally in those of the State. If in 2021, historical levels of "absenteeism due to Common Contingencies" were already reached, with an expense for Social Security and for Mutual societies of more than 9,700 million euros and another more than 9,100 million for companies, so far in 2022, the increase in the The number of these cancellations has grown by practically 50% with respect to the same period of the previous year, and the economic benefits have entailed a greater expense of 14%.

| 1-PRESENTATION | ANNUAL REPORT 2021 | FREMAP 10 1,1 Chairman's letter for companies, the cost they assume for the complements and Improvements that this benefit has in the Collective Agreements, as well as the obligation to take care of the financial benefit between the 4º and the 15º, and of its contributions, has risen by almost 22%. Based on the above, the Presidents of the Mutual Societies that make up the AMAT General Assembly are making a huge effort, together with With CEOE through the Chairman of its Social Security Committee, Pedro Barato, also Deputy Chairman of FREMAP, so that measures are adopted aimed at Mutual Societies should be able to provide healthcare and register for temporary disability processes due to Common Contingencies, at least in traumatic pathologies. It is necessary to remember that a Worker affected by a process of Temporary Disability due to Common Contingencies, diagnosed as an traumatology pathology, recovers his/her health, practically in half of the time when he/she is attended by Mutual Societies, than when it is in Public Health Services. If mutual societies had this faculty, in addition to the fact that, annually, more than 1,000,000 of Workers would recover their health, on average, 30 days earlier, savings of more than 2,100 million euros would be generated for Social Security and for Companies, and it would help the Reduction of the well-known "waiting lists" in the National Health System, in favour of many other citizens. Other issues that continue to concern Mutual Societies are the lack of management autonomy, with regard to staff expenses and expenses in current goods and services. It is precisely this need to have greater management autonomy, together with the problems of financing Common Contingencies to which I have referred, that unfortunately led the Sector to a new episode of concentration between two Mutual Societies in 2021. In this regard, FREMAP's position is very clear: "All Mutual Societies are necessary, there is no more left over" and, if any goes through a bad time, we will make available all our resources to help them with management improvements that help them to solve complex situations. It is also necessary to highlight, as a milestone in 2021, the subscription of the Collective Agreement of Insurance, Reinsurance and Mutual Societies collaborating with the Social Security Institute , despite the pressure that has been exerted from different areas to negotiate a Collective Bargaining Agreement only for the Mutual Societies Sector, that Yes, under the guidelines of the Collective Agreement for Labour Personnel of the General State Administration. Mutual Societies are insurance companies, we are not public administrations, and that is why we must be in the Insurance Agreement, with the specific features that They correspond to the occasion of our collaboration with the Social Security Institute in the management of public benefits, and without forgetting our private nature as Businesspeople's associations with nearly 125 years of history.

| 1-PRESENTATION | ANNUAL REPORT 2021 | FREMAP 11 MARIANO DE DIEGO HERNÁNDEZ/Finalizo Chairman Thanking the former State Secretary for Social Security and Pensions, Israel Arroyo, for his work, congratulating and making FREMAP available to its Substitute, Borja Suárez, whom I also take advantage of to acknowledge his work as Managing Director of Social Security Organisation in these last years, which have been particularly hard for all , as well as to welcome José Fernández-Albertos to his post, to whom I also wish every success, and also to make us available to him. Finally, in addition to acknowledging the work carried out by the AMAT team, I would like to reiterate my words from previous years, to repost the due Thanks for the effort made to all the professionals working at FREMAP, to continue to be leaders in our Sector, as well as to my colleagues on the Board of Directors, for their help, dedication and commitment.

| 1-PRESENTATION | ANNUAL REPORT 2021 | FREMAP 12 1,2 Letter from the Managing Director Dear mutual society members, I am pleased to address all of you with Reason for the presentation of this Annual Report, which reflects the most relevant aspects of the financial year just ended, one year, on 2021 , which stands out for the progressive impact of vaccination against COVID-19 and the recovery of economic growth following the recession experienced last year, as a result of the health, economic and social crisis arising from COVID-19 . The Spanish economy has managed to grow 5.1%, mainly supported by national demand, in a context in which the process of generating employment has meant that the unemployment rate was at the end of the year at 13.13%, falling by 2.80 points compared to 2020. The average number of Social Security members registered an increase of 1.09%, reaching 20,184,900 people employed, leaving only 63,800 people affected by ERTE at the end of the year, by virtue of the employment protection measure established in 2020 as a result of COVID-19. FREMAP remains the leader in the mutual society sector, achieving at the end of the year the figure of 4,886,898 protected workers, which represents an increase of 3.98% compared to the figure of 2020, covering 24.80% of the total number of workers affiliated to the Social Security System. 1,2 Managing Director's letter These last years have been the subject of significant regulatory changes aimed at addressing the pandemic and protecting the population. Among the regulations published in 2021, we have to refer to Royal Decree 817/2021, of 28 September, whereby The minimum wage for 2021 was set at 965 euros/month (or 32.17 euros/day), as well as the PCM Order / 1353/2021, of 2 December, implementing the Social Security contribution regulations of 2021. This Order includes a significant change, which we have been claiming for years is the updating of the financing percentages for the non work-related injury or disease to Mutual societies, effective 1 September, passing into the General Regime for the management of the financial benefit for temporary disability deriving from common contingencies of 5.1% At 6% of the total tax liability corresponding to the contribution of the company and the workers, plus additional financing that may reach 7% compared to the previous 6% if the deficit persists. An improvement in the Self-employed Workers Regime is also regulated, increasing the share fraction of mutual societies to 1.70% of the contribution base instead of the 1.56% that was applied.

| 1-PRESENTATION | ANNUAL REPORT 2021 | FREMAP 13 Also, throughout the year, a multitude of Regulations and offices related to termination of activity benefits, with the establishment of new benefits in Royal Decree-Law 2/2021, of 31 January And in Royal Decree-Law 3/2021, of 2 February 2021. Also noteworthy is Royal Decree-Law 10/2021, of 18 May, which adopts urgent measures to alleviate the damage caused by the deletion Asca "Filomena" and Royal Decree 21/2021, of 26 October, which modifies the legal regime of the benefit Ordinary due to cessation of activity due to force majeure, and includes extraordinary provisions for cessation of activity in favour of self-employed workers affected by the eruption of the volcano on the island of La Palma. In this context, our income from social security contributions rose by 5.18% compared to the previous year, reaching the figure of 3,688 million euros, while social benefits (excluding those aimed at COVID-19-which have had specific financing) have reached €2,231.17 million, representing 60.49% of income and experiencing a growth of 1.17% with respect to the previous year, a percentage that is more than 3 percentage points lower than that recorded in contribution income. The benefits allocated to COVID-19 788.68 amounted to € for cessation of activity and € for temporary disability. 339,68 The Bank's profit to be distributed reached €76.25 million, an increase of 205.62% on the previous year's profit. In terms of healthcare activity, in 2021, a total of 681,906 patients were treated at our facilities, generating 2,452,917 medical consultations, face-to-face consultations or via remote care, and 13,524 surgical procedures. In this regard, and with regard to the management of common contingency, FREMAP continues to commit to strengthening our activities in this coverage, which It has allowed us to centralise more than 66.58% of the sick leave processes (excluding COVID-19 processes), with an average delay of 18.92 days, Having secured advance of complementary tests and medical treatments for 24,107 patients who caused medical discharge in 2021. Similarly, the 31,873 consultations provided to workers from other mutual societies, such as

| 1-PRESENTATION | ANNUAL REPORT 2021 | FREMAP 14 1,2 Letter from the Managing Director [GRI 102-14] as a result of the Collaboration Agreements signed with other Collaborating Entities, which has led to an increase of 41.95% with respect to medical consultations carried out in 2020. In this scenario, we continue the effort made in recent years in the modernisation of our facilities and the provision of the most technologically advanced equipment, contributing to Improving our attention to workers, with a clear example being the allocation to our healthcare centres of 55 ecographs for musculoskeletal pathologies, which, together with With those of the Hospital System, they allow healthcare professionals to improve their clinical practice, both for the diagnosis and for the development of treatment techniques with Ultrasound control, as well as the acquisition of a premises for the opening of a new healthcare centre in Finestrat (Alicante). With regard to integration and prevention management, in 2021, 83,523 activities were carried out that covered a total of 21,267 companies and 984 self-employed workers; In addition, 247 informative activities were carried out in relation to prevention, in which a total of 15,003 attendees participated. I would like to highlight the important work carried out by the Special Benefits Committee, through which 229 financial aid was granted, for a total amount of 1.02 million Of euros, as well as our extensive programme of Professional Retraining aimed at serious injured workers, which has managed to provide training to a total of 58 people, throughout the country. Since 2002, FREMAP has been supporting and respecting the Ten Principles of the Global Compact in the field of human rights, labour rights, the environment and the fight against Corruption, having presented the progress report in 2021 and renewing our commitment to the Global Compact and its Ten Principles, a commitment that we wish to maintain in 2022. Finally, I would like to make a special mention of the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan, which is due to expire and which was originally structured in two dimensions Strategic, service excellence and management excellence, being the key factors for the development of our activity with our protected workers and mutual society companies, Through the involvement and development of our employees, and always encouraging innovation and the continuous improvement of our management system.

| 1-PRESENTATION | ANNUAL REPORT 2021 | FREMAP 15 [GRI 102-14] This plan, which included 4 objectives and 50 strategic actions, has been completed with a degree of compliance of 82%, including all the strategic actions that have been implemented, as well as Actions initiated that have been advanced during the period of validity of the same and that will continue, either as improvement actions, risk actions or As strategic actions in the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan, a plan has been improved in the methodology for managing the plan and the concepts of Mission, Vision and Values, needs and expectations of stakeholders, which will allow us to continue to move towards achieving our strategic objectives. Everything we have already achieved, and how exciting it is that we have left to achieve, has been and will be possible thanks to our great team. My sincerest thanks to all FREMAP employees for their work, dedication and enthusiasm, which make our Company, the benchmark Mutual Society for companies, workers, the system and society, fulfilling one more year of the commitment and trust that you all place in us. Jesús MARÍA Esarte/MANAGING DIRECTOR

| 1-PRESENTATION | ANNUAL REPORT 2021 | FREMAP 16 1,3 FREMAP and its figures [GRI 102-7] 1,3 FREMAP AND ITS CIU Fixed Income for Social Contributions Result to Distribute Common Contingencies Termination of activity Activity Occupational accidents and occupational diseases Occupational accidents millions of euros million euros Healthcare Provision 2021 4,886,898 2020 4,700,068 2019 4,808,060 2018 4,725,704 2017 4,532,981 2,600,000 2,500,000 2,400,000 2,300,000 2,200,000 2,100,000 2,200,000 18,000 16,000 14,000 12,000 10,000 8,000 6,000 4,000 2017 16,366 16,210 15,813 Interv. Medical consultations 11.015 13.524 Surgical 2018 2019 2020 2021 1,288.64-489.08 105.25 9.28 2,294.54 556.05 3,688.43 76.25 2,444,703 2,561,400 2,564,420 2,214,033 2.452.917

| 1-PRESENTATION | ANNUAL REPORT 2021 | FREMAP 17 [GRI 102-7] Surveys of patients in healthcare centres for accidents at Employee Account Work Preventive Activity intended for investments at the disposal of our protected workers Care Centres Employees 83,523 activities 4,351 employees 7.69 million 219,792.11 m² 208 In 21,267 companies and 984 self-employed workers 15,003 attendees 2,561 women 1,790 men 247 informative activities 15,000 14,000 13,000 12,000 11,000 10,000 9,000 8,000 7,000 8.40 8.35 8,30 8.25 8.20 8.15 8.10 8.22 10,958 12,720 11,169 8,200 14,976 8.26 8.29 8.35 8.40 2017 2018 2019 2020 Number Valuation 2021

| 1-PRESENTATION | ANNUAL REPORT 2021 | FREMAP 18 1,4 Strategy and Achievements [GRI 102-15, GRI 102-26, GRI 102-27] Strategic Plan The year 2021 has continued to be marked by the pandemic, affecting activity in any field and the results obtained. Through our mission as a Mutual Society Collaborating with the Social Security Institute, we have tried to find out the scenario, adapting to the changes, to meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders. Despite the impact on FREMAP of all these changes derived from the pandemic, in 2021 progress was made towards achieving the objectives defined in the 20182021 Strategic Plan, as we cannot forget that they are the driving vehicle for achieving our Vision. Mission: What IS OUR REASON OF BEING? "Private association of employers that collaborates with the Social Security Institute, managing health and economic benefits, contributing to improving the health of workers and their reintegration into the workplace, thus promoting the productivity of our mutual companies and the sustainability of the System." Vision: What DO WE WANT TO BE? "To be a benchmark institution for excellence in service and management, based on our values, innovation, the talent of our professionals and commitment to society." 1,4 strategy and achievements Objective Service Objective Innovation Objective People Objective Management Excellence in Service Excellence in Management The Vision is structured in two dimensions, excellence In service and excellence in management, as key factors for providing the service to our protected workers and mutual society companies, through involvement And the development of our employees and always encouraging innovation and the continuous improvement of our management system, contributing to the progress of society. These two dimensions include four strategic objectives, with the Balanced Scorecard being the management and control tool that allows quantitative results to be related to FREMAP's strategic objectives. In 2021, indicators have been adapted and improved, allowing us to have differentiated information on the impact of COVID-19 on our results. The objectives and indicators of the Hospital System have also been integrated into the Entity's scorecard.

| 1-PRESENTATION | ANNUAL REPORT 2021 | FREMAP 19 [GRI 102-15, GRI 102-27] During 2021, work was carried out on the various actions forming the Strategic Plan, implementing 10 of them in this period. The 20182021 Strategic Plan was completed this year, and of the 50 strategic actions defined, 82% was met, including all the Strategic actions implemented (31 actions), as well as actions initiated that have progressed during the period of validity of the same (15 actions ) and which will continue in the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan as strategic actions or as improvement actions or risks. It should also be noted that of the 12 regulatory actions, 4 have been implemented in this period, with 10 actions being taken at the date of commencement, and 2 more actions being taken. Risk management complements strategic planning, as improvement actions are established to reduce or eliminate the possibility of these being available, associating each risk with FREMAP's processes and Strategic Objectives. At the close of 2021 of the 30 risk actions identified, 6 were implemented, a total of 15 being implemented and 13 more actions were initiated. In 2021, preparatory work on the Bank's new Strategic Plan was initiated, improving the methodology for managing the plan and Reviewing the concepts of Mission, Vision and Values, needs and expectations of stakeholders, which will allow us to continue to progress towards achieving our strategic objectives and will cover the period 2022-2025. Achievements The initiatives indicated above have been materialised in the achievement of the following achievements during 2021: Control Systems · The scope of the comprehensive audit includes the health audit itself, as a new area, in 2021, which was carried out independently of the internal management audit until 2020. This new feature was published in Circular 12/2021 addressed to the Organisation. The review of the health processes is carried out by the medical staff designated by the Sub-Directorate General for Medical Affairs. · In 2021, a new change was introduced to the internal audit process to include the publication of the Annual Planning Organisation by circular regulation 12/2021. This improvement in the process was intended to improve the provision of the internal audit service in the Organisation. · In relation to the development of the Risk Map as an internal control methodology, it should be noted that 2021 has involved the identification of fifteen new risks, a new risk action and the completion of six risk actions, related to, in general, the improvement of computer systems. · In the area of Information Security, technical and organisational measures have been implemented to strengthen security, deriving from risk analysis Of corporate information, while investments have been made in cybersecurity to protect the information assets of the Mutual Society for the purpose of Reduce the degree of vulnerability and the impact of threats, highlighting the update of antivirus of workstations and the implementation of new technologies for email protection and web browsing.

| 1-PRESENTATION | ANNUAL REPORT 2021 | FREMAP 20 1,4 Strategy and Achievements [GRI 102-27] · With regard to Protection FREMAP has been recognised by the Spanish Data Protection Agency as a company that adheres to the "Digital Pact for Data Protection Of People, "in gratitude for our commitment to Privacy, as an asset of the organisation. · The GRI Report on the Sustainability and Corporate Governance Report was recorded in 2020, with third-party verification recognised in terms of compliance with the requirements. Activity · We have completed the financial year with 4,886,898 protected workers, which represents an increase of 3.98%, a figure that makes us a leading mutual society, covering 24.80% of the total number of workers affiliated to the Social Security System. · From a health point of view, the major milestone is the development of the new medical history: HISFRE, the result of the collaboration and suggestions of the different levels of the Company. Information security, particularly sensitive in the healthcare field, is a basic pillar of our activity. HISFRE has enabled us to work in a safe environment for both patients and professionals, placing FREMAP at the forefront of digital clinical environments. · In relation to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the promotion of telemedicine and, in particular, video consultations with specialist doctors developed in Previous years have allowed us to continue guaranteeing proper follow-up of patients, representing 25.72% of the total consultations carried out, ensuring in any case Compliance with Processes with the right to benefit 2020 2021 Annual Variation Occupational Accidents 157,590 180,777% Work-related Injury 14.71 138,091 160,509% Disease 16,23 Professional 1,611 1,795 11.42% Risk during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding 16,981 17,458% Care for Minors 2.81 907 1,015% Non Work-related Injury and Non-occupational Disease 11.91 379,250 415,693 9,61 % Employee Account 294,487 323,587 9.88% Own Account 84,763 92,106 8.66% Termination of Activity 1,760 1,132-35.68% COVID-19 1,171,629 907,870-22.51% IT-COVID 596,591 668,382 12.03% Extraordinary Provision Termination of Activity 575,038 239,488-58.35% TOTAL 1,710,229 1,505,472-11.97%

| 1-PRESENTATION | ANNUAL REPORT 2021 | FREMAP 21 [GRI 102-10] extraordinary measures established with regard to gauging and contacts, and allowing the health of our patients to be protected. · In our network of own centres, a total of 681,906 patients have been treated throughout the year, with 13,524 surgical procedures, 2,452,917 medical consultations and 1,323,130 physiotherapy sessions being generated for their care and treatment. Financial Management · With regard to Public Procurement, we have continued to invest in technology in accordance with the Strategic Plan, and in 2021 we have evolved electronic tools in this area, with improvements being implemented in the integration of the contracting, accounting and budget applications. Furthermore, new developments have been carried out in the Supplier Portal, and the internal process for managing the special resource with regard to contracting has been implemented in the application. · The pandemic situation caused by COVID-19 has required an effort in the management of financial and budgetary resources as a result of the multiple benefits recognised And aimed at mitigating the effects of the same, which has led to the need to increase the Entity's Budget by 2,223.29 million euros , that is, close to 64% with respect to credits authorised at the beginning of the financial year. · In 2021, a profit to be distributed was €76.25 million, an increase of 205.62% on the previous year's profit. Equipment and Facilities · In order to maintain high levels of technological innovation in the healthcare field, the definitive implementation of Strategic Action 2021 ¨ Endowment and Training in Ultrasound Imaging at FREMAP ¨ was carried out in 1,3, through the acquisition of ecographs in our healthcare centres and hospitals. The use of ultrasound is a tool in clinical practice that helps us to improve the level of healthcare, providing added value in healthcare That we provide to our patients, by having means of ultrasound visualization of the anatomical areas necessary for the management of processes, as well as for the development of treatment techniques with ultrasound control. · The second phase of the project to renovate analogue X-ray equipment by direct digital equipment has begun, with the installation of 17 new equipment. · In the hospital field, the acquisition of 4 operating theatre tables-3 for the Hospital of Seville and 1 for the Hospital of Vigo -, which will cover the downtime caused by the current equipment, is also noteworthy. · The appropriate renovation work has been carried out on the Elche (Alicante) and Lepe (Huelva) healthcare centres, as well as the provision of healthcare and non-health equipment.

| 1-PRESENTATION | ANNUAL REPORT 2021 | FREMAP 22 1,4 Strategy and Achievements Technology and Systems · Commissioning of the first modules of the New HISFRE Clinical History. This new medical history, as well as improvements in the interface and help for healthcare professionals, provides the patient and medical group with the information when and where it is needed in a more agile way and in accordance with the new digital paradigm. · The New Accounting Documentation Processing System is being put into production, substantially improving the agility in the processing of this information and eliminating paper consumption. · Inclusion of Multi-year Expenses in SICOSS, thus resolving the need to incorporate the Accounting Register of Multi-year Expenses into the Accounting Subsystem existing for this purpose. · Implementation of the projects identified in the Systems Plan. It has defined 4 transformation programs (Security, Workplace, IT Optimisation and Application Development), also establishing a governance program for this transformation. Information and Dissemination of Knowledge · Creation of the Virtual Services Classroom on our website, which allows us to know the catalogue of the topics available on the webpages Inars that are programmed throughout the year, aimed at companies and professional offices to disclose our specialised knowledge, with the aim of improving the management of Social Security benefits. From this space our associated companies and professional offices that manage FREMAP's member companies can register for the webinars that are published. Expectations and Experiences · Conducting 38,378 surveys aimed at learning about the valuation of services by our customers, with a favourable evolution in the last 3 years, where we highlight the assessment of patients in healthcare centres for work-related accidents: + The FREMAP service best valued by workers is Rehabilitación 8.57. + The beneficiaries of Care for Minors score 9.37 for the care of Social Workers. + FREMAP's facilities are valued at an average of 8.67 by workers cared for by work-related injuries. + The FREMAP manager is valued at 8.51 by the Companies and by the Collaborators at 8.96. + 82.64% of self-employed workers who cease work consider the time they receive payment as normal or short. + 93.51% of REM/LN workers consider the time to collect to be normal or short. + 91.75% of self-employed workers would recommend FREMAP. 8.45 8.40 8.35 8.30 8.25 8.20 8.15 Customer assessment Patient/healthcare centres/work-related injuries 8.10 8.29 8.20 8.26 8.34 2019 2020 2021 8.34 8,40

| 1-PRESENTATION | ANNUAL REPORT 2021 | FREMAP 23 · Improvement of the average response time of complaints from FREMAP customers, being 2021 days in 8.28. · Conducting surveys of attendees of the Benefits webinars carried out during 2021. Of the 17,217 attendees, we have obtained 5,536 surveys with the following average assessment: Corporate Social Responsibility · Renewal of the certification in accordance with the Bequal Foundation model, achieving it in its PLUS category, in the effort to achieve greater accessibility · Participation in the campaign: # ThemosUnpact for sustainable development. Echo!, promoted by the Spanish Global Compact Network, to reach all the commitments that Agenda 2030 aims to achieve. · FREMAP receives an award at the First Ibero-American Summit "Insurance in the 2030 Agenda," promoted by the Insurance Alliance, an international recognition for applying the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proclaimed by the United Nations (UN), with the initiative presented: "Professional Retraining." People · Renewal of FREMAP's adherence to the "Diversity Charter-SPAIN" initiative, which aims to promote management practices and inclusion of diversity in companies and institutions as a strategic axis for their greater effectiveness and competitiveness. In 2021, we participated in the campaigns # Join our campaign for Mental Health (# SaludMentalEnMiEmpresa # SaludMental) SinPrejudices), on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, and # UnitosConfrontRacism, International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. · Participation in the dissemination campaign # TheViolenceQueNoVes of the Ministry of Equality, as an organisation associated with the initiative "Companies for a society free of gender-based violence." · Adherence to the FREMAP Social Pact against Violence against Women in the Principality of Asturias in 2021, with the implementation of a road map to act in this regard. · The continuity of remote work in compliance with prevention measures with regard to the effects of the pandemic by COVID-19, being the response of our employees according to the effort made, demonstrating their high level of commitment and professionalism. Throughout FREMAP. · Participation in the campaigns promoted by the Spanish Cancer Association (AECC), joining the # AcuerdoContra El Cáncer (Anti-Cancer Agreement) and participating in the dissemination of its campaign, on the occasion of World Cancer Day. · Adherence to the Digital Pact for the Protection of Persons, promoted by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD). · Participation as a collaborator in the Study on the State of Implementation of the SDGs in Madrid Company, conducted by the Club of Excellence in Sustainability, CEIM and Ernst & Young (EY). 8.5 Content 8.7 Speakers 8.6 General assessment

Corporate GOVERNANCE I N F OR RME ANNUAL L 2 0 2 Sustainability/Governance Corpo rat i vo 1

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| 2-CORPORATE GOVERNANCE | ANNUAL REPORT 2021 | FREMAP 26 2,1 Legal Framework [GRI 102-1, GRI 102-2, GRI 102-5, GRI 102-6, GRI 103-1, GRI 103-2, GRI 103-3] 2,1 FREMAP LEGAL FRAMEWORK , Mutual Society Collaborating with the Social Security Institute No. 61 (previously known as "Social Security Mutual Society for Work-related Injuries and Occupational Diseases No. 61") It has been operating under the name MAPFRE since 9 May 1933, and its activity in Spain has been confirmed by Resolution of the then General Directorate of Pensions of 13 March 1969. Similarly, through a Resolution of the Directorate General of Legal Organisation and Collaborating Bodies of the Social Security Institute of 25 July 1991, the change of corporate name was authorised to the current FREMAP name. As such, it is a Partner Organisation in the management of Social Security, with its regulatory framework being set out, in addition to its own Articles 80 et seq. of the Revised Text of the General Social Security Act, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 8 / 2015, of 30 October, as well as Royal Decree 1993/1995, of 7 December, approving the Collaboration of Social Security Mutual Societies for Work-related Injuries and Occupational Diseases. By virtue of the provisions of article 80,1 of the new Revised Text of the General Social Security Act: "Private associations of employers set up by authorisation from the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration and registration in the Special register dependent on this, which are intended to collaborate in the management of the Social Security Institute, under the direction and guardianship of the same, without the intention of Profit and assuming joint responsibility in the cases and with the scope established in this Act. "In accordance with the provisions of article 80,2 of the This Revised Text of the General Social Security Act is intended to carry out the following Social Security activities: 1. Management of financial assistance and healthcare, including rehabilitation, within the scope of protection against work-related accidents and occupational diseases of the Social Security Institute, as well as activities to prevent the same contingencies covered by the protective action. 2. Management of the temporary disability allowance deriving from non-work related accidents and diseases. 3. Management of the benefits for risk during pregnancy and risk during breastfeeding. 4. The management of financial benefits for cessation of the activity of self-employed workers, in the terms established in Title V of this same Act. 5. Management of the benefit for the care of minors suffering from cancer or another serious disease. 6. Other Social Security activities legally attributed to it.

| 2-CORPORATE GOVERNANCE | ANNUAL REPORT 2021 | FREMAP 27 [GRI 102-5, GRI 103-1, GRI 103 - 2, GRI 103-3] Mutual Societies collaborating with the Social Security Institute, as set out in article 80,4, are part of the public sector State, which is administrative in nature, in accordance with the public nature of its functions and the economic resources it manages, without prejudice to the private nature of the company. This status as members of the state public sector is also included in the provisions of article 2,2. 2º h) of Act 47/2003, of 26 November, General Budgetary Act, as well as article 3,1 of Act 9 / 2017, of 8 November, on Public Sector Contracts, transposing into Spanish law the Directives of the European Parliament and Council 2014/23/EU and 2014/24/EU, of 26 February 2014. With regard to its economic-financial system, the maintenance and operation of FREMAP, as well as the activities, benefits and services included in its object, They are financed, as established in article 84 of the aforementioned Consolidated Text of the General Social Security Act, through the payments of the The Social Security Institute attached to it, the income, increases, compensation and compensations obtained both from the financial investment of these resources and from the sale And termination of the assignment for any title of movable and immovable property of the Social Security Institute that is affiliated with it and, in general, any income obtained by virtue of The exercise of the collaboration or the use of its means. General Meeting 2021

| 2-CORPORATE GOVERNANCE | ANNUAL REPORT 2021 | FREMAP 28 2,1 Legal Framework [GRI 103-1, GRI 103-2, GRI 103-3] For this purpose, the General Treasury of the Social Security Institute delivers FREMAP, after deduction of the contributions allocated to the Public Entities of the System for compulsory reinsurance and for the management of common services, the contributions for work-related accidents and occupational diseases paid to FREMAP by Its associated employers and associated self-employed workers, as well as the fraction of the fee corresponding to the management of the financial benefit for temporary disability derived For common contingencies, the contribution for cessation of activity of self-employed workers and the rest of contributions corresponding to the contingencies and benefits it manages. In this regard, and in accordance with article 83 of the Consolidated Text of the General Social Security Act, employers who have FREMAP chooses to protect against occupational accidents and diseases of the Social Security Institute, and they must formalise the corresponding association agreement and protect with FREMAP To all workers corresponding to work centres located in the same province. Similarly, associated employers will be able to choose because the Mutual Society itself manages the financial benefit for temporary disability derived from common contingencies with respect to workers protected against occupational contingencies. The association agreement is the instrument through which the association to the Mutual Society is formalised and will have a validity period of one year, which may be extended for periods of equal duration. Workers included in the scope of application of the Special Regime for Self-Employed or Self-Employed Workers, in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree-Law 28/2018, of 28 December, for the revaluation of public pensions and other urgent measures in social, labour and employment matters, starting from From 1 January 2019, they are compulsory to cover all occupational contingencies and cessation of activity with the same mutual society with which it has The temporary disability benefit for common contingencies is insured, with the exceptions set out in this standard. Self-employed Workers must formalise their protection through the corresponding membership document, the validity period of which will be one year, and may be extended for periods of equal duration. Finally, with regard to the cessation of activity benefit, it must be formalised with the mutual society to which they are associated by subscribing to the Annex corresponding to the document of adhesion. Of the combination of activities that constitute the object of FREMAP and the income derived from the fees received from associated employers and employees on behalf Associated companies, the financial result of the financial assets will be determined annually by the difference between the income and the expenses attributable to the activities included in each of the following management areas (article 95): · Management of contingencies of work-related accidents and occupational diseases, financial benefits for risk during pregnancy or breastfeeding, benefits for care of minors affected by cancer or another serious illness, and Social Security preventive activities. · Management of the financial benefit for temporary disability deriving from common contingencies. · Management of protection for the cessation of activity of self-employed workers, without prejudice to the Mutual Society acting in this field exclusively as a management organisation.

| 2-CORPORATE GOVERNANCE | ANNUAL REPORT 2021 | FREMAP 29 [GRI 103-1, GRI 103-2, GRI 103 - 3] In each of the aforementioned areas, a Stabilization Reserve will be set up, with the positive economic result obtained annually, with certain limits Minimums and maximums on the payments deposited, the purpose of which will be to correct the possible inequalities of the economic results generated between the different financial years in each of the Areas and, in any case, in accordance with the provisions established for these purposes in the Consolidated Text of the General Social Security Act. In accordance with the provisions of article 96, any surplus resulting from the provision of the respective reserves will be deposited in the General Treasury of the Social Security, depending on the management field in question, by virtue of the following percentages: Ms. 80% of the surplus obtained in the management of occupational contingencies will be deposited in the special account of the Occupational Contingencies Fund Of Social Security, opened at the Bank of Spain on behalf of the General Treasury of Social Security and at the disposal of the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration. b. Any surplus resulting from the provision of the Common Contingency Stabilization Reserve shall be paid in full into the Social Security Reserve Fund. c. Any surplus resulting from the provision of the Stabilisation Reserve for Termination of Activity shall be paid in full to the General Treasury of the Social Security for the allocation of the Supplementary Stabilisation Reserve for Termination of Activity. With regard to 20% of the surplus corresponding to the management of occupational contingencies and which is not subject to payment in the special account of the Professional Contingency Fund, it will be allocated as follows: D 10% of the surplus will be applied to the endowment of the Supplementary Reserve, whose resources may be used to pay for excess administrative expenses, procedural expenses arising from claims that do not have Social Security benefits and administrative sanctions as their object. D The remaining 10% will be applied to the endowment of the Social Welfare Reserve, which will be allocated to the payment of authorised social assistance benefits , which will include, among others, rehabilitation and recovery and professional reorientation actions and support measures for adapting essential resources and jobs , in favour of injured workers protected by them who are in special condition or in a situation of need and, in particular, for those With a disability that has occurred, as well as, where applicable, assistance to their beneficiaries. These benefits and aids will be optional and independent from those included in the protective action of the Social Security Institute.