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Comprehensive health care programme

FREMAP, as an organisation fully committed to its companies, has created the Work Absenteeism Management Department, in order to provide added value in the management of medical absenteeism, and thus respond to the expectations regarding the improvement in health of workers. This work takes place within a business framework in which good absenteeism management is essential for improving productivity and competitiveness.

FREMAP works alongside its member companies to analyse in depth the causes of absenteeism and, considering the fact that temporary disability is the main cause, it works with them to develop a personalised action plan bearing in mind that each business organisation is different.

This is done with the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team formed by health and safety officers, physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers and the FREMAP sole manager.

The Comprehensive Health Care Programme has a triple approach:

Consequences of Absenteeism

When we talk about work absenteeism for medical reasons, there are two different consequences of absenteeism.

    • Consequences for the health of workers.
    • Economic consequences.

Direct costs

Absenteeism affects company finances, not only its direct costs, which are:

    • Cost of the day of sick leave in work related illnesses.
    • Benefits for temporary disability: in non-work related injury or illness from the 4th to the 15th day of sick leave.
    • Social security contributions: During situations of temporary disability, the company is obliged (unless the contract is cancelled) to pay contributions - up to a maximum of 545 days.
    • Voluntary complements: The company also may also have another direct cost if its collective agreement has established voluntary complement of temporary disability.

Indirect costs

But also indirect costs: Substitution costs, opportunity costs, delayed holiday costs, production costs, loss of economic incentives, overtime costs, aggravation of the work environment.

It is essential to measure both kinds of costs in order to know how they affect productivity and to understand the real costs for the company, which thus makes it possible to determine the level of investment that the company is prepared to accept to reduce absenteeism.

FREMAP provides companies with reports on the direct costs arising from medical absenteeism due to common and work related injuries and illnesses and also reports estimating the indirect costs.

Sample Absenteeism Reportin PDF formatThis link will open in a pop-up window

Calculates your absenteeism costs