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Electronic Data Remission System within the Social Security Institute, NOTESS (Online Notifications of the Social Security Institute).

The General Treasury of the Social Security Institute will send a letter to communicate the need to use this new electronic system to all parties required to use NOTESS. Companies created starting from 1 January 2013 that meet the obligation requirements will be automatically subject to the new electronic communication procedure and will not require notification by letter from the Administration.

As of 1 January 2013 there will be no more paper notifications of the procedures for the responsible parties obliged to NOTESS and during 2013, other procedures and applications will be adapted to NOTESS, as well as the incorporation of other administrative acts of the Social Security Institute by Resolution of the State Secretariat of Social Security.

Who is required to use the RED System?

  • Companies, corporate groups and other reporting parties:
    • Required to pay contributions and categorised under any of the Schemes of the Social Security System
    • Regardless of the number of workers that remain registered
  • RETAs, except self-employed SETAs, that are required to send data relating to their employees using the RED System will also be required to send their own data and that of self-employed workers using the RED System
  • Companies, corporate groups and other parties required to pay contributions under the Special Systems of the General Scheme, except the special system of domestic employees

The aim is that progressively all companies required to use RED and all of them that want to receive notifications electronically through the Social Security Electronic HeadquartersThis link will open in a pop-up window. This project is complemented with the aim of replacing all publications currently made in official gazettes with the publication thereof on the Bulletin Board of the Social Security Institute, which can also be found at the e-Office.

Specifically, notification will be sent electronically, by appearance at the main office, of the claims for debt and orders for recover relating to the centralised issue of the debt of the general scheme. Furthermore, all notifications that have not been able to be sent by any of the means of notification used by the Social Security Institute will be posted on the Bulletin Board.

How will they work?

  • Electronic notifications will be available to reporting parties at the e-Office of the Social Security Institute, and recipients will have 10 calendar days to access notification content.
  • Taxpayers will be notified if there are any notices and will be invited to view such notices:
    • If the receiver is the company's authorised RED, a notification will be sent to him/her through the RED System
    • If the receiver is the employer, he/she will be notified by email at the email address provided.
    • Notifications can only be accessed if the receiver is authenticated using the relevant electronic certificate, while the board can be accessed freely. In fact, items posted on the Bulletin Board will not be communicated to taxpayers or their representatives, since it is they who must access the Bulletin Board to view the procedures in which they may be involved.
    • Notices will be posted daily on the Bulletin Board, and a notice will be considered given 20 calendar days after the date of posting, although the notices will be available for a year on the e-office.

Since both procedures are supported by documentation in electronic format, notifications and related acknowledgements of receipt, as well as published news, will be available in the corresponding electronic file in the provincial offices of the Social Security Institute.

Help guide and frequently asked questions This link will open in a pop-up window

We attach a document describing the project which details the regulatory framework, the benefits and the phases to implement this new electronic notification system.

NOTESS System This link will open in a pop-up windowIn pdf