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We want to help you get started. The new Entrepreneurs Act offers opportunities for setting up businesses

Entrepreneurs Act

Novelties in Act 14/2013, of 27 September, support to entrepreneurs and their internationalisation This link will open in a pop-up window.

  • Support to entrepreneurs; actions in education for entrepreneurship.
  • Limiting the entrepreneur's limited liability, through which business liability is limited. Limited Liability Entrepreneur.
  • Regulating a Limited Liability Company of Successive Formation.
  • Promoting entrepreneurial activity; entrepreneur service points, making the constitution and procedures easier.
  • Support in fiscal and social security issues.
  • Funding support for entrepreneurs.
  • Simplifying administrative responsibilities and promoting public contracting with entrepreneurs.
  • Measures to promote the internalisation of the Spanish economy.

Search for Incentives for Setting up Companies.

Consult the aid and incentives offered by the Central, Autonomous and Local Administrations and by Public Bodies, as well as by different European Bodies.

We can help you get started

The first steps in setting up a company are a challenge. We will give you the support you need to make your company more productive from day one, putting our Management System at your disposal:

Improve productivity by managing absenteeism

We want to help you. We are experts at managing absenteeism.

Using your company's absenteeism data, we prepare reports on your medical absenteeism and its cost, and we also compare it to that of your industry and analyse it. Based on this analysis, we establish quantitative reference values that improve your absenteeism data. This will enable us to work together to improve absenteeism and ultimately reduce your absenteeism cost.

We make things easier for you

There is a person at FREMAP who will always take care of you. He or she is your personal manager:

  • Inpatient Healthcare
  • Our Healthcare Network
  • FREMAP Assistance
  • Retraining
  • Social Welfare
  • Psychology
  • Prevention
  • Courses
  • Medical Kits
  • Outpatient Healthcare
  • Management of Absenteeism

Health Management

At FREMAP, we work to keep you healthy. Our goal is to prevent work-related injuries and to cure the lesions they cause. We have highly-skilled professionals to ensure the well-being of workers insured by the mutual society.

Human Environments: FREMAP's infrastructure has the largest healthcare network with over 200 centres throughout the country, including four hospitals (Majadahonda, Seville, Barcelona and Vigo), four day hospitals (Valladolid, Jerez de la Frontera, Málaga and Zaragoza) and the centres shared by mutual societes in Valencia and Bilbao.

Technology: we utilise the most advanced treatments and medical tests to improve your health.

All employees of our mutual enterprises, or self-employed workers, who have suffered a Work-related Injury or Occupational Disease and as a consequence are suffering financial hardship due to lower income or special expenses not covered by Social Security, may opt for special benefits.

Are you a self-employed worker? Calculate your contribution

For your interest, we provide you with this Contributions Calculator for Self-employed Workers; Enter the data to find out the exact contribution and the services you will have for each cover.


Do you want FREMAP to be your mutual society for work-related injuries? Your company and employees will see that there are many advantages and benefits to joining FREMAP.

We have all the documentation and procedures you need to join FREMAP.

More information for entrepreneurs