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Institutional and Organisational Information

Remuneration of Senior Staff

Governing and representative bodies

Members of the governing and participation bodies of the Mutual Company or its representatives do not receive remuneration, in accordance with the provisions of regulations in force. In accordance with the provisions of Order TIN/246/2010, of 4 February, in 2019, the following expenses will be paid for attendance at each meeting of the above mentioned bodies:

  • Board of Directors: €851.57.
  • Special Services Commission: €707.85.
  • Control and Monitoring Commission: €576.58.

Managing Director

2019 Remunerations, in accordance with the provisions of article 88, sections 3 and 4, of the Amended Text of the General Social Security Act, in relation to the Published Order of 2 January 2015, which approves the classification of Mutual Companies that Collaborate with Social Security.

  • Basic remuneration: €108,851.05.
  • Post supplement: €65,310.63.
  • Variable, maximum that they can receive according to objectives set by the board of directors: €43,540.44.

*Remuneration pending increases corresponding to the final approval of the regulations on total payroll costs in the public sector for 2019

Applicable Regulations

Financial, Budgetary and Statistical information

Right to Information

FREMAP offers users a mailbox to which to send any questions or suggestions that they have. Contact FREMAP to send suggestions to our mailbox

Law on Transparency

Act 19/2013, of 9 December, on transparency and access to public information and good governance, entered into force on 11 December 2014. This law applies to Mutual Companies that Collaborate with Social Security. More information on the Law on Transparency. in PDF formatThis link will open in a pop-up window.