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We are an organisation that collaborates with the Social Security Institute for the purposes of developing the following activities:

  • Management of financial assistance and healthcare, including rehabilitation, within the scope of protection against work-related accidents and work-related illnesses of the Social Security Institute, as well as activities to prevent the same contingencies covered by the protective action.
  • Management of cash benefits for temporary disability resulting from non work-related injuries and diseases.
  • Management of the benefits for risk during pregnancy and risk during breastfeeding.
  • Management of the financial assistance for cessation of activity of self-employed workers.
  • Management of benefits for caring for minors suffering from cancer or other serious diseases.

We protect 4.8 million workers, with more than 478,000 associated companies.

Purpose of FREMAP. Why is our activity important and what is our reason for being?

Contribute to the efficiency and sustainability of the Social Security system by managing the different benefits in a differential way through business mutualism.

FREMAP's Mission What are we and do to achieve our Purpose?

Private association of companies that collaborates with the Social Security Institute, managing health, economic benefits and activities of occupational risk prevention, contributing to improving the health of working people and their reintegration into the workplace, thus promoting the productivity of our mutual companies and the sustainability of the System.

Vision: What do we want to be?

To be an institution that is a reference for excellence in service and management, based on our values, innovation, the talent of our professionals, and our commitment to society.


The values that guide the actions of all FREMAP staff, set out in the FREMAP Corporate Culture Document and the Principles for Responsible Action, are grouped into six:

  • Pride of Ownership: Our employees are FREMAP's greatest asset, as they are directly responsible for providing the service and they are the main value for achieving the company's vision. For this reason, FREMAP is committed to the professional and personal development of its staff, in pursuit of stability and permanence, based on ethics, integrity, and self-criticism, and with the constant involvement and improvement of each and every one of its employees.
  • Leadership: FREMAP declares its determined commitment to leadership, aiming to be a benchmark in all areas of its activity and considers that, in order to achieve this, it is necessary for each of its employees to have a permanent attitude of personal improvement.
  • Adaptation: FREMAP and its employees'ability to adapt flexibly to an increasingly changing environment, taking advantage of opportunities for improvement that have a positive impact on our stakeholders and allow us to achieve our objectives.
  • Creativity: This is understood as the existence of a working environment and atmosphere that facilitates and encourages employee self-confidence, enthusiasm, and intellectual curiosity, making it possible to "break out of the routine and the comfort zone", shedding light on novelties and facing change.
  • Commitment to service and Personal guidance: Our service provision is aimed at the people our activity is directed towards and this purpose is considered one of our essential characteristics, combining the simultaneous diversity of all our values. We will achieve excellence if we inspire people with the purpose of our actions, harmonising those values as a unit between the being and must-be.
  • Commitment:
    • Commitment to individuals and their surroundings, promoting value management, where equality, transparency, ethics, effective equality between men and women, the inclusion of people with disabilities and respect for the environment are particularly relevant.
    • Commitment to society through the pursuit of excellence in the crucial social goal that we develop in our collaboration with the Social Security System.
    • Commitment to our mutual society members and their workers, who have placed their confidence in us for the protection of their occupational health and safety.
    • Commitment of the employees to the company and its objectives, which they help define.
    • Commitment of the management to establishing a favourable labour framework that facilitates and enhances the personal and professional development of the employees.

FREMAP's Strategy

The 2022-2025 Strategic Plan is the main instrument for achieving our Purpose, Mission and Vision, taking into account the needs and expectations of our main stakeholders.

The Vision is defined in three strategic objectives, Service, Management and People, as key factors for providing the service to our protected workers and mutual companies, through the involvement and development of our employees and always promoting Sustainability, Evolution and Improvement.

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