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Patient rights

  1. The right to privacy, dignity and confidentiality.

    • The right to be treated with respect and consideration by the staff of FREMAP.
    • The right to respect to your personality, and not to be discriminated for reasons of race, social class, gender, morals, economic situation, ideology, politics or trade union.
    • The right to protect your privacy during your medical care.
  2. The right to information on the services offered by FREMAP and the requirements necessary for its use.

    • The right to receive efficient and comprehensive health care after a work related accident or work related illness.
    • The right of access to the services of Prevention, Social Welfare, Occupational Psychology, Occupational Retraining and FREMAP ASSISTANCE.
    • The right to be informed of the designation of an Single Interlocutor who will handle all your needs personally.
    • The right to fast payment of economic benefits to which the patient has the right to receive and to know the basis for this calculation.
    • The right to be informed on the procedures for the definition of contingencies and to contest medical discharge.
  3. The right to access your health information

    • The right to be informed of the designation of a medical practitioner who will be your interlocutor with the medical team.
    • The right to receive clear and accurate information about your injury, treatment, evolution and possible consequences.
    • The right to access your medical records and to obtain a copy of the details therein. FREMAP implements mechanisms of active and diligent custody that guarantees their confidentiality.
    • The right to obtain a Discharge Report, once the medical treatment has concluded.
    • The right to be informed of and previously authorise, where applicable; The use for teaching or research purposes, of the medical procedures used.
  4. The right to change your medical practitioner and obtain a second medical opinion

    • The right to change your medical practitioner, when requested by the patient, and in accordance with the FREMAP organisational availability.
    • The right to a second medical opinion, from another FREMAP medical practitioner.
  5. Claims

    Complaints and claims can be submitted through the FREMAP complaints and claims page.