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In 1933, the Spanish Association of Rural Property Owners founded the MUTUAL INSURANCE SOCIETY OF THE SPANISH ASSOCIATION OF RURAL PROPERTY OWNERS. The same year the name was changed to MUTUAL SOCIETY OF AGRICULTURAL INSURANCE M.A.P.F.R.E.

M.A.P.F.R.E. began as an insurer of the risks of work-related injuries and later expanded the kinds of insurance offered. It subsequently changed its name to MAPFRE Mutual Insurance Society.


As a result of the 1966 Social Security Bases Act, on 6 July 1967, the Ministry of Employment approved the rules of collaboration for Employer Mutual Societies for Work-related Injuries (previous name of the Mutual Societies for Work-related Injuries and Occupational Diseases of the Social Security Institute) in the management of Social Security.

The manner in which these organisations were defined expressly included the requirement of limiting their activity to managing the contingencies of work-related injuries and occupational diseases.

On 23 April 1968, the Ministry of Employment authorised MAPFRE to continue collaborating in the management of Social Security throughout Spain, adapting its activity to existing regulations.

Thus, the same year, the Extraordinary General Meeting of MAPFRE Mutual Insurance Society approved the separation of MAPFRE Employer Mutual Society for Work-related Injuries into a separate legal entity. At the same time, it agreed to continue operating in the private insurance area with the same name of MAPFRE Mutual Insurance Society.

In 1990, the name of mutual societies was changed and became 'Mutual Societies for Work-related Injuries and Occupational Diseases of the Social Security Institute'. From 1 January 1992, in accordance with the General Committee and in accordance with the willpower of the Administration of avoiding the confusion in the denomination of Mutual Insurance Companies for Work-related Injuries and other companies, the denomination of FREMAP, Social Security Mutual Society For Work-related Injuries And Occupational Diseases No. 61 is approved.

In December 1995, the new Rules of Collaboration for Mutual Societies for Work-related Injuries were approved. These rules established a new opportunity for mutual societies: to pay the benefits for temporary incapacity due to a non work-related injury or non-occupational disease.

In 1997, FREMAP's work as an External Prevention Service was incorporated into its traditional prevention work. However, in 2006, the 'Sociedad de Prevención de FREMAP, SL' was set up to provide this service. In 2014, the name was changed to "PREMAP Seguridad y Salud, S.L.U".

Act 35/2014, of 26 December, amending the consolidated text of the Social Security Act with regard to the legal regime of Work Accident And Work Related Illnesses of the Social Security, establishes that Mutual Societies will have until 31 March 2015 to sell 100% of their shares in Prevention trading companies set up by mutual societies. In order to comply with this obligation, in 2015, FREMAP sold all its shares of the Mutual Society's Historical Assets in "PREMAP Seguridad y Salud, S.L.U." to "IDC Salud". The aforementioned Act 35/2014 modified the denomination of these companies that call Collaborative Mutual Societies with the Social Security Institute, being from that time our denomination FREMAP Mutual Society Collaborator with the Social Security Institute.

Based on fee volume, partner companies and insured workers, it occupies first place among the Mutual Societies for Work-related Accidents.

Companies are free to choose FREMAP to protect these risks without any extra cost.​​​