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Environmental Management

Tree Day

Respect for nature is one of the principles of FREMAP's Business Culture, expressed by its compliance with regulations and the continuous improvement of its environmental management system.

As a result, FREMAP's general management has developed and established the company's Environmental Policy, understanding this to be the set of rules and general objectives which guide the actions of FREMAP in relation to the protection of the Environment.

  • FREMAP is committed to complying with current and forecast regulations and to implementing a formal environmental management system which will permit it to ensure continuous improvement of its environmental policy.
  • FREMAP's environmental policy commits to avoiding pollution, reducing waste materials, making rational use of natural energy resources, and using environmentally friendly products.
  • FREMAP is committed to promoting in all employees a greater degree of responsibility and awareness of the need to protect and preserve the environment.
  • FREMAP is committed to maintaining an environmental communication channel, both internal and external, with transparent criteria, to maintain a cooperative relationship with the authorities and an open dialogue with stakeholders and the public, at whose disposal this policy is placed

As part of this commitment, FREMAP establishes its Environmental Policy, which is expressed in the Environmental Policy Manual. This contains the core principles guiding sustainable environmental performance, combining efficient service with environmental preservation, pollution prevention, waste reduction, rational use of natural and energy resources, and the use of environmentally-friendly products.

AENOR Environmental Management Certification

In order to comply with and implement these commitments, FREMAP has developed and introduced an Environmental Management System in accordance with Standard UNE-EN-ISO 14001, recognised by an external accredited organisation for the certification of this standard by ENAC (National Accreditation Organisation).

The certification encompasses all of FREMAP's activities and centres (administrative, outpatient and inpatient) throughout Spain.

Standard UNE-EN-ISO 14001 specifies the requirements for an environmental management system that permits organisations to develop an environmental policy, to define its processes and objectives in this regard, to ensure compliance with the legal obligations and expectations of stakeholders, and to achieve continuous improvement, with certification of compliance that the system is in line with the international ISO standard.

The recognition in this standard is a support for FREMAP in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals and aligning itself with the GRI and the Global Compact in environmental content.

FREMAP's Environmental Management System is described in a series of documents, including an Environmental Management Manual, ten Specific Environmental Procedures, thirty Technical Instructions and ten Procedures shared with the Quality Management System, which enable FREMAP's Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System.

All of FREMAP's environmental issues have been identified and assessed on the basis of a series of objective criteria determining the degree of relevance of such issues.

FREMAP's Environmental Management Programme specifies the environmental goals shared across the entire organisation to ensure fulfilment of the commitments made in the principles of the Environment Policy, with each centre regularly monitoring these principles.

Commitment to sustainable development

FREMAP is a company signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, and has acquired a three-fold commitment to the environment:

  • To apply a criterion of precaution with regard to environmental problems
  • To adopt initiatives to promote greater environmental liability
  • To encourage the development and dissemination of environmentally-friendly technologies

The FREMAP Environmental policy is based on a firm commitment of respect and development of the Environment that includes initiatives such as:

  • Evaluation and control of environmental issues
  • Establishment and monitoring of environment Indicators and Objectives
  • Environmental training and awareness
  • Environmental and energy-efficient contracting criteria
  • Environmental communication channels
  • Technical energy efficiency activities
  • Good environmental practices:
    • Certification FSC in responsible paper
    • Environmentally responsible purchases
    • Segregation and management of all sanitary, hazardous and domestic generated waste
    • Agreement with Ambilamp for the management of fluorescent lights and lamps
    • Agreement with Ecobatteries for the management of batteries.