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The FREMAP Dimensional Metrology Laboratory, located in the FREMAP Hospital in Majadahonda, has three main objectives:

  • To train Industrial Metrology and Quality Technicians to retrain staff with TPD sequelae who have suffered a serious work accident or have a work-related illness.
  • To render calibration services to the Spanish industry.
  • To promote calibration of medical equipment.

Laboratory details:

Technical data sheet

  • Location: FREMAP Hospital-Majadahonda, is part of the Professional Retraining Service.
  • Laboratory staff:
    • Scientific Supervisor: Francisco Moreno Bellido.
    • Quality Technician: Noelia Díez Sánchez.
    • Calibration Technician: Miguel Rodeño Domínguez.
  • To contact the laboratory: see attached chart
  • Calibrations and measurements offered: the Capacity of Measurement and Calibration of the laboratories - CMC-, together with the equipment that can be calibrated are listed in the technical scope.
  • Application for measurement and/or calibration work: send an e-mail specifying the work required (Requirement UNE-EN-IO 17.025).
  • Laboratory accreditation: the laboratory is accredited by ENAC (the Spanish National Accreditation Body), registered under number 11LC710,004.
  • REDLAB: the laboratory is a member of the REDLAB Madrid Laboratories Network, registered with number 186.
  • Surface area: 122m2
  • Work temperature: 20ºC ± 1ºC

Technical scope of measurements and calibration

Technical scope

The technical scope of the dimensional metrology laboratory, which includes all the measuring equipment that can be calibrated, the measurement fields and the related uncertainties, is set forth in the ENAC TECHNICAL ANNEX, 3rd revision of 12/02/2018, which can be viewed through the following link:

Metrology and Quality Course

Metrology and quality course

The course is 10 months long, with 1,300 class hours and 75% practicals. Students gain professional skills to work in any industry, within the quality area, where their injuries do not prevent them from performing their functions at 100% capacity.

Training programme

  • Dimensional Metrology.
  • Industrial Quality: studying standards UNE–EN-ISO 9001 and UNE-EN-ISO 17025.
  • Materials testing.

Students learn to measure with laboratory equipment, interpret industrial plans, prepare measurement reports, calibrate equipment with measurement patterns and do calibration placements in companies hiring the on-site calibration service. Training is supplemented with a 3-month work placement at a company in the industrial sector selected by the Labour Intermediation Service (SIL).

Training partners

Partner organisations on the Metrology and quality course

Equipment provided

Metrology and quality course


  • Measuring arm
  • Caliper gauge
  • Micrometers
  • Comparators
  • Profile Projector
  • Vision Machine
  • Flatness table
  • 1 horizontal coordinate
  • 1 vertical coordinate
  • Rules pattern
  • Brackets
  • Profilometer
  • Block columns
  • Gauge bars
  • Longitudinal Pattern Blocks
  • Angular pattern blocks
  • Sine rule
  • Perpendicularity pattern
  • Go-No-Go
  • Flexometers
  • Bracket tester
  • Measuring laser
  • 3D measurement machine
  • Go-No-Go Gauge
  • Goniometers
  • Flexometers
  • Marking gauges


  • Universal testing machine
  • Cutter
  • Polisher
  • Test tube filler
  • Metallographic microscope
  • Hardness testers
  • Muffle Furnace
  • UV Light
  • Penetrating fluids
  • Magnetic particles


  • Dry furnace
  • PT100 pattern probes
  • Thermostatic bath

Industrial Calibration

Industrial calibration with the ENAC stamp

The dimensional metrology laboratory is accredited by ENAC, under number 11/LC10.004, and is authorised to provide industrial calibration services anywhere in Spain. The laboratory's scope for dimensional equipment is very broad. It is equipped to calibrate anything from basic equipment -caliper gauges, micrometers, flexometers, comparators...- to advanced equipment: pattern blocks, profile projectors, flatness tables, special patterns,...

On-site calibrations are also possible for large equipment that cannot be transported, such as: flatness tables, 1-horizontal/vertical coordinate measuring machines, profile projectors, and straightness rulers.

Surface area:122 m2 Temperature: 20 ± 1ºC

Hospital Metrology

Hospital metrology

The metrology laboratory promotes and develops hospital metrology to ensure traceability of medical diagnostic equipment through calibration.
Healthcare equipment is calibrated and given metrological traceability: clinical thermometers, temperature probes for monitoring medications and blood pressure monitors.
This is a developing field that promises to create jobs for our students.

Student work placements

Student work placements

The goal is accomplished when a person with TPD finds work again, this time in the quality assurance area, and discovers that they can carry out these tasks without limitations and perform competitively.
The 3-month work placement is an excellent opportunity for companies to get to see our students' professionalism and opt to offer them ongoing employment.
The partner companies often apply for new student placements thanks to the excellent performance of the recruited candidates.

Companies that have hired our students

  • MCI
Partner organisations in student work placements

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