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FREMAP has a staff of approximately 4,000 employees serving customers at over 200 centres around the country.


Reflecting the principles contained in the document on Company Culture, in the Code of Conduct and in the human resource polices strategically promoted by the organisation, the profile of FREMAP employees is characterised by the following traits:

  • Professionalism: Resulting from the training, the experience and the professional development outlined in our human resource management policies.
  • Comprehensive Service: Promoted through collaboration and communication between the various areas involved in the provision of service (Prevention Area, Healthcare Area and Management Area) with the aim of providing personalised and coordinated service to patients, member companies and collaborators.
  • Commitment to Service: Aware of the consideration and of the attention with which one must undertake the provision of excellent service.

Convinced that its employees' commitment to these values is the foundation of its leadership, FREMAP seeks to create an environment that emphasises a sense of belonging through its working conditions, through its concern for occupational health and through activities that promote professional and personal development.

Selection and welcoming

To ensure that our team is comprised of the best professionals, the hiring of new employees at FREMAP is carried out following criteria of transparency and objectivity and the principle of equal opportunities. Once an employee is part of our team, we ensure his or her full integration through training, information and proximity.

FREMAP has an online form through which candidates can enter their CV and participate in the selection processes organised.

Job stability

FREMAP promotes long-term working relationships, guaranteeing a stable work environment that provides personal and professional development.


FREMAP employees participate in the company's ongoing training activities according to their needs, the company's objectives and the continuing quest for skills development.

Professional development

FREMAP fosters for its employees a culture of professional growth and of gradual acceptance of responsibilities associated with the position:

  • High-level positions are filled through internal promotion of FREMAP professionals.
  • Management positions undergo several stages at the company so that professionals are able to develop knowledge, experience and skills.
  • The FREMAP health group is recognised for its professionalism and its career development.

Employee participation in company management

FREMAP encourages its employees to participate in the committees and working groups set up to improve the company's management, integrating employees' ideas and initiatives into its activities.

FREMAP is also focused on having the best channels available to ensure that communication and exchanges of information are fluid throughout the organisation.

Social dimension

  • FREMAP fosters support for individuals with disabilities, ensuring their physical recovery and their return to work, while also pledging to give them preference in employment at the organisation and to facilitate access to its facilities.
  • FREMAP promotes equal opportunities and diversity, rejecting any discrimination based on nationality, sex, race, religion or social, economic, ideological, political or trade union factors.
  • FREMAP improves the quality of life of its employees by adopting policies to reconcile family and work life.
  • FREMAP cares for the health of its employees by preventing occupational risks as part of the comprehensive management of the company and by ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.
  • FREMAP is committed to fostering in all of its employees a greater degree of solidarity, responsibility and community involvement through the Social Action Commission, whose activities strategically involve the entire company in the care of disadvantaged groups.