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Key features

  • They are not-for-profit. If as a result of the management carried out by a Mutual Society, income is greater than expenses, the difference will be given back to the Social Security Institute. This extra revenue is called surplus revenues and not profits, as in a private company
  • Membership of companies, whether public or private, is voluntary. The company can freely choose which mutual society to join or if it wants these contingencies to be covered by the Social Security Institute
  • They are supervised by the Ministry of Employment and the Social Security Institute . They require their authorization to be set up. Their financial management depends on the general budgets of the central government and their accounts are audited annually by the aforementioned Ministry
  • To be established, they must limit their activity to the aforementioned collaboration, have at least 50 member employers, 30,000 protected workers and a volume of contributions greater than or equal to the legally established limit (currently 9 million ) and, lastly, provide a security that is determined based on the volume of receivable contributions