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Jobs at FREMAP

Employment opportunities at FREMAP, Mutual Society Collaborating with the Social Security Institute No. 61, are detailed in the various Professional Areas: Healthcare, Management and Prevention.

We are established nationwide with over 200 workplaces; throughout Spain and the Balearic and Canary Islands.

All new employees undergo induction training, the length of which varies depending on the role and specialty. Subsequently, all the entity's professionals follow a continual training plan.

We value geographical mobility and the availability to be posted to locations other than the candidate's usual place of residence. Our approach to work is based on providing Service as a Comprehensive Concept, which entails coordinated application of preventive, healthcare, restorative and recuperative techniques to fight against occupational hazards and their physical, mental, social, human and financial consequences.

General Requirements for Hiring

  • Have the relevant education (see area of interest)

Job Vacancies at FREMAP by Areas of Interest are as follows:

If you are interested and fulfil the described job offer requirements, please fill out and send us the following form.

Jobs at FREMAP​​