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Plan of Criminal Imputation Prevention of FREMAP, approved in Board Of directors dated 12 November 2014, establishes protocols and procedures that determine the owed control by the Mutual Society of those situations of risks that they would be able to entail the non-compliance of the ethical standards of the Company or the fee of illicit penintentiaries.

FREMAP has developed set of policies corporate that they govern its daily activity and that they develop essential fulfillment standards, based on the beginning of “tolerance zero” towards the fee of illicit acts.

Communication Channel and Denunciation.

Any employee of FREMAP or interestedthird party* that it has knowledge or suspicion founded of a non-compliance of the Catalogue of Forbidden Conducts will be able to inform of the same via the Communication channel and Denunciation in the email address: or in the postal address, FREMAP's Committee for Regulatory Compliance, Carretera de Pozuelo nº 61, C.P: 28222, Majadahonda, Madrid.

This service channel is so much one via of non-compliance denunciation or non-compliance suspicion of collected standards in the Catalogue of Forbidden Conducts, as a middle for the resolution of the doubts that it can pose its application.

In any case, this service channel is not the suitable channel to pose claims, complaints or resources, against the resolutions of the Mutual Society with regard to provisions of the Social Security Institute, which should present following conditions and established means in the current regulations.

Standards of use of the service channel:

  • Identified/Anonymous letter: You will be able to identify or to carry out a denunciation of character anonymous letter, in which case it, he should indicate an e-mail address (for example, created by you for this end) or postal mail where we prune to send the acknowledgement of receipt of the denunciation.
  • Provide a description of facts the most detailed thing possible, including the names of implicated people in them as well as third people' name that they can also to have their knowledge. For the case of anonymous denunciations, facts that are communicated should enjoy the enough exhaustiveness as to allow to carry out a diligent research of the same.
  • Describe how arrived at its knowledge denounced facts.
  • Identify the date/dates in which have happened or they are happening denounced facts.
  • Identify the place/places in which have happened or they are happening denounced facts.
  • Contribute any additional documentation that it can be of assistance in the research.

*Interestedthird party: Any supplier, contracted bidder or company for a supplier of FREMAP.

In compliance with the Regulations (EU) 2016/679, General of Data protection, we inform you that facilitated personal details will be treated, as Person responsible for the processing, by FREMAP MUTUAL SOCIETY COLLABORATING WITH THE SOCIAL SECURITY, No. 61, with address in Carretera de Pozuelo No. 61, 28,222 Majadahonda – MADRID.

The aim of the pickup and processing of its details it is to process communications and denunciations received, as well as to open a dossier of research in the cases in which proceeds, being based the processing in the course of a legal obligation attributed to the Person responsible for the processing (article 6.1 c) RGPD).

Cessions will not be made nor international transfers of details to third parties, except for legal imperative. Its details will be kept during the time necessary to comply with the aim for that which were obtained and to determine possible responsibilities and to attend processes of claim that you can present against the company.

You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, restriction, opposition, portability, limitation of treatment and not to be the subject of automated individual decisions, by notifying this in writing to the address indicated above or the following email address: You can access additional information about the processing of your data at Similarly, you are informed of your right to file a claim before the Control Authority (Spanish Data Protection Agency: