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Benefit for the Care of Minors suffering from cancer or another serious disease

Current balance: this benefit financially protects you against a decrease in income resulting from a reduction in your work day (not under 50%) in order to directly, continually and permanently care for the minor.

Request Form

You will be guided through the next steps by contacting your personal FREMAP manager. Contact FREMAP

Beneficiaries (parent, adoptive parent or foster parent on a pre-adoption or permanent basis of the minor requiring care) should:

  • Provide a report from the Public Health Service or government healthcare body of the relevant Autonomous Community proving both long-term hospitalisation and ongoing treatment of the disease.
  • Submit the beneficiary's request to the relevant mutual society or managing body by completing the forms and providing the regulatory or required documents.

To obtain the benefit

Before contacting your personal FREMAP manager, we provide you with the forms to complete to receive the benefit.

Benefit to Care for Minors suffering from cancer or another serious disease: Find out more

We provide you with additional information about the cover provided by FREMAP in the event of Care for Minors suffering from cancer or another serious disease.