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Installation of the app's screenshots

Download the new FREMAP Contigo app for patients, update it if you have already downloaded it or access it via the web.

This new version is now available on Google Play for Android phones and in the Apple Store for IOS phones.

FREMAP Contigo available for Android on Google Play FREMAP Contigo available for Apple in the App Store FREMAP Contigo available in web version

The application now looks better and is more intuitive to use. It is also more secure and effective and has new features.

If you have already been seen at a FREMAP centre, you can register on the app without having to visit a branch of FREMAP in person.

From the public area you can:

  • Make emergency calls to FREMAP from both Spain and abroad.
  • View the network of FREMAP centres, see opening times, locations on a map and the distance from your current location.
  • View and download work calendars for all Autonomous Communities.
  • View and download useful forms.
  • Access information of interest if you are an employee.
  • Access information of specific interest if you are self-employed.
  • Access the Prevention Channel, where you can find information on how to take care of your health and prevent accidents: guides, manuals, videos, etc.
  • Find out about the coverage offered by your mutual insurance company
  • Check your rights as a patient
Mobile FREMAP Contigo Public Area  

From the private area you can:

View all theinformation about your procedures ONLINE

Mobile FREMAP Contigo Login  

Medical information

  • Download your medical reports and request new ones
Mobile FREMAP Contigo History  

See your financial information

  • Whenever we transfer funds into your bank account, we will notify you of the date, amount and reason for the transfer by text message
Mobile FREMAP Contigo Payments History  
Mobile FREMAP Contigo Alerts  

Receive alerts by text message and/or email

  • Notification that your company has processed the official documentation concerning an accident at work
  • If your accident leaves you with injuries, we will process the INSS [National Social Security Institute] benefits you are entitled to and will keep you informed about when the case is opened and when the INSS issues its decision
  • Once you have been temporarily disabled for 365 days, the INSS must issue a decision on your situation. We will notify you when your case has been submitted

Receive additional information in the app's Mailbox

  • You will receive information in addition to that received via SMS or email in order to ensure it remains confidential
Mobile FREMAP Contigo In-box  
Mobile FREMAP Contigo Appointments  

See upcoming medical and rehabilitation appointments

  • You will also receive alerts by SMS to remind you of your upcoming medical appointments 24 hours in advance
  • And weekly alerts by text to remind you of your rehabilitation appointments

You will also be able to:

  • Contact your case handler or request that they contact you.
  • Contact a social worker: Request that the social worker contact you.
  • Amend your personal data: You can request that some of your personal data be amended.
Mobile FREMAP Contigo Options