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Advantages for Self-employed workers

FREMAP provides self-employed workers with a fast and efficient work system in terms of healthcare and in terms of processing their sick leaves with the public administration, in order to provide excellent care and convenient management of administrative procedures without unneeded travel, waits or bureaucracy.

FREMAP, an organisation of workers for workers, of people for people.

We are committed to:

Your health

  • Personalised immediate medical care.
  • The most extensive healthcare network available for you.
  • Medical units specialised in caring for your health.
  • Rehabilitation with the most advanced techniques at all our centres.
  • State-of-the-art technological development to care for your health.

Non-occupational disease

In the event of a non-occupational disease, we provide:

  • Medical treatments and diagnostic tests with no wait times.
  • We advise you on administrative procedures related to your medical leave.

Work-related injury

If you also choose to include this option, you will benefit from:

  • We pay all the expenses resulting from your injury: healthcare, pharmacy and transport.
  • We watch out for your safety: Occupational Health and Safety Management.
  • We enhance your well-being after a work-related injury.

Your information

  • We assign you a personal adviser for your administrative formalities.
  • Free phone service dialling 900 61 00 61.

Your finances

We pay your benefits while you are on medical leave.

In the event of a non-occupational disease or non-work-related injury, we will pay you:

  • From the 4th to the 20th day on sick leave, 60% of your benefits base.
  • Starting from the 21st day, 75%.

In the event of a work-related injury or occupational disease, we will pay you:

  • 75% starting the day following the medical leave.
  • We take care of your pension or indemnity for permanent disability or death.
  • We manage the benefit for risk during pregnancy and for risk during breastfeeding.

In the event of cash benefit for the care of minors suffering from cancer or another serious disease, we will financially protect you against a decrease in income resulting from a reduction in working day as a direct consequence of direct, constant and permanent dedication by the beneficiary to caring for the minor.

In the event of termination of activity, a financial subsidy equal to 70% of your contribution basis and, while it is being received, the mutual society will continue paying contributions for non work-related injuries and diseases for the beneficiary.

Your well-being

After a work-related injury, we you help to:

  • Retrain you professionally, preparing you for a new occupation, if you cannot perform your regular occupation.
  • Resolve possible financial imbalances through our Social Welfare Reserve.
  • Complete your recovery with the support of our psychologists and social workers.

Your security

Should you opt for Work-related Injury cover, we offer the following Occupational Health and Safety activities: