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With the aim of helping improve the management of Social Security benefits offered by professional offices, consulting firms and associated companies, FREMAP is conducting online training sessions by means of webinars targeted at this collective.

It is an alternative channel to on-site care aimed at improving efficiency and expanding our specialsed knowledge sharing service.

In this Virtual Classroom you will find information on the training activities run by FREMAP, as well as the enrolments available.


The purpose of this webinar is to learn about the concept of work accidents, as well as the different responsibilities that arise for companies, mutual societies and employees when they occur. It is essential for companies to handle contingencies properly, in order to avoid sanctions, irregularities in contributions and other liabilities.

The purpose of this webinar is to outline the legal definition of a workplace accident.
It consists of 2 parts:

  • First: focuses on the requirements and elements of a work accident, accidents en route and in the line of duty.
  • Second: takes a deeper look at the remaining sections of article 156 of the General Social Security Act: work-related illnesses, deliberate intent or gross negligence.

It will be take a practical and current perspective to enable effective management by associated companies and professional offices.

Irregular situations such as lack of registration, contributions or under-payments may give rise to significant liabilities in terms of temporary disability, death or survival benefits, as well as penalties for non-compliant companies.

To analyse these situations, FREMAP is organizing this webinar, which takes a technical and practical look at with the rights and obligations established by our legal system in the area of social security, and which are very important to know in order to comply with current regulations.

Situations of temporary disability are often so case-specific that they require in-depth analysis. The purpose of this webinar is to learn about the legal terms applicable in the different situations of temporary disability and how to proceed in each case in order to fully comply with applicable legislation.

It consists of 2 parts:
  • First: it will focus on relapses and on situations of temporary disability that can arise in cases of concurrent employment, concurrent activities and subrogations.
  • Second: it will explain the different situations that may arise in extensions of temporary disability, objections, claims and discharge disagreements.

Contributing and paying correctly in order to avoid incidents in delegated payment, surcharges and penalties are also topics covered by this webinar, which takes an in-depth look at the different cases of regulatory bases through case studies.

It deals with various aspects concerning serious accidents, taking an in-depth look at urgent communications, from the simplest to the most complex cases, the different liabilities for companies and legal requirements that must be met.

The Special Sea Regime is one of the 4 large groups of the social security system and has more than 60,000 affiliated workers according to the latest verified data. With this webinar, FREMAP aims to deeper examine this special regime, not only in terms of classification and contribution, but also the specifications it is subject to, such as healthcare, temporary disability, etc.

The Special Scheme for Agricultural Workers employs approximately 800,000 workers every year. Over the last 2 decades, significant changes have been made to the scheme, which has now been integrated into the General Regime as a Special System. This webinar analyses their particular features.

Its purpose is to explain the different online management tools that FREMAP offers its consultants, companies and associated workers, which enable them to manage benefits more effectively: FREMAP ONLINE, DELTA HELP, WEBSITE, FREMAP CONTIGO.

The aim of the webinar is to provide in-depth knowledge of the procedure for managing occupational accident reports. It covers all aspects of the report management procedure, from downloading files via FREMAP Online, to the preparation of the report using the Ayuda Delt@ software and its submission via the Ministry's Delt@ website. It includes the resolution of different interactive case studies for the preparation of occupational accident reports.

The objective of this webinar, addressed to mutual societies associated with FREMAP, is to present a protocol for psychosocial support in emergency settings.

The webinar will focus on the contextualisation of an emergency, human behaviour and psychological first aid in the workplace. The protocol to be followed and the levels of intervention according to the emergency or accident will also be discussed in detail.

The purpose of the webinar is for workers and companies associated with FREMAP to know the steps to follow when workers have a work-related accident or require medical coverage abroad.

Absenteeism from work can be defined as: "Absenteeism is the absence of a person in his/her workplace in hours that correspond to a working day, within the legal working day."

The webinar focuses on the fundamental aspects of how to manage temporary disability, its causes and solutions, and on the tools that FREMAP makes available to partner companies.

The main objective of this webinar is to explain the differences and specialities of work-related illness with respect to work-related accidents, delving deeper into its concept, the form, terms and consequences of electronic reporting of work-related illness; as well as the different rights and obligations that arise for workers, employers, prevention services and other entities when this occurs.

Active Registrations


Start date: 07 February

Opening hours: 12:00 to 13:30

The purpose of this webinar is to learn about the concept of work accidents, as well as the different responsibilities that arise for companies, mutual societies and employees when they occur. It is essential for companies to manage this contingency properly, avoiding possible fines, incidents in contributions and other liabilities.



Start date: 09 FEBRUARY

Opening hours: 12:00 to 13:30

The webinar will discuss the various aspects to be taken into account in the event of a serious workplace accident, and how to manage urgent post-accident communications. The webinar will cover a range of cases, from the simplest to the most complex, the various types of liabilities for companies and legal compliance.


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FREMAP Benefits Classroom webinars are conducted with the participation of the attendees, adapting to the issues they raise and constantly updating content in line with prevailing legislation. These seminars are run throughout the year and that is why we choose not to publish the videos. Instead, we recommend that you attend a new webinar session.