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With your clients

Commitment to your clients

Your clients know that improving absenteeism and henceforth productivity is important. That is why we want to help them and we do so as a commitment. And for this reason, we need your collaboration.

Single point of contact

Your clients should understand things clearly with their mutual society. All of them will get to know your FREMAP comprehensive manager, who will personally serve you and your clients.

We prevent at the companies of your clients

FREMAP, as part its commitment to achieve excellence in the comprehensive treatment of workers' health, views occupational risk prevention as an essential measure to improve health and safety levels and reduce accident rates and absenteeism.

What to do in the event of…

We help your clients and their employees resolve specific situations in the event of:

For your clients who want to improve absenteeism

In collaboration with companies, we prepare a specific action plan that entails:

  • An initial diagnosis of the company's situation.
  • Estimated wage costs.
  • Proposed solutions.